Foot Locker VIP Club card is the part of Foot Locker’s VIP commitment program wherein the members have the right to enjoy savings on their purchases the footwear accessories, one-of-a-kind offer, and other benefits. Though the Foot Locker VIP Club card is no referred as a credit transaction card, that is a credit card through nature. Using the map you have the right to do her shoe shopping at any Foot Locker store throughout the country.

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Foot Locker VIP society Card features

Receive a coupon because that $10 discount your following purchase the $50 or an ext by mail within 48-72 hrs of account opening.Get a special offer on her birthdayReceive unique perks all with the yearGet a Platinum membership to enjoy an ext offers, discounts and also reward map after safety $300 in 12 months.

Requirements to use for Foot Locker VIP club Card

For application very first ensure you have all the eligibility for Foot Locker VIP society Card, and also then go ahead. The VIP Membership needs are:

You must be a legal resident of the USYour period must be 13 years or aboveHave a valid government-issued photograph identityShould have a verifiable revenue sourceMust be creditworthy

Foot Locker VIP Club map Application

If everything is appropriate in place, monitor the measures below and complete the applications procedure.

Visit Click on the red “GET STARTED” switch located on the ‘JOIN NOW’ tab.

Or, straight go come the sign-up web page at and also enter the following information in the stated field.


NameBirthdayZip CodeGenderPrimary PhoneMobile PhoneEmailSelect the technique to receive updates and messagesCreate PasswordConfirm Password


Click “Next” come proceed.

Go with the email deal with verification process. Complete the application and also ‘Submit’

To log in Foot Locker VIP Club map account

Click the ‘LOG IN’ link, have the right to be discovered at the top right corner of the page


Provide the email address which you used at the moment of producing your Foot Locker VIP Club map account.Enter the passwordPress log IN to go into and access your account

To make payment

To pay your bills with Foot Locker VIP society Card,

Log in to her Foot Locker account as you room instructed above.Go to the payment sectionChoose your payment methodMake your bill payment

To check the Foot Locker VIP society Card applications Status

All the applications of Foot Locker VIP club Card room not constantly approved fashionable or periodically it walk not gain approval as result of the lack of specific requirements. In ~ this situation, you need not wait an eternity to get a an answer or feedback. You deserve to easily inspect the standing of your applications by call 1-800-953-330 giving the required information you will certainly be asked end the phone.

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To activate Foot Locker VIP society Card

After the successful application, approval and also receiving the freshly received Foot Locker card, you need to activate to use it. Because that that, you deserve to dial 1-800-991-6851 come speak with a customer treatment agent. Carry out the vital details follow the indict you are given and complete the Foot Locker VIP Club map Activation.