MARY J BLIGE was invited to the Power cast in 2020 together the head that a criminal family. However does the Monet Tejada actress have kids of she own?


Mary J Blige: Does mar J Blige have actually children? (Image: Getty/Starz)


Mary J Blige: Monet"s children in Power publication 2 are Cane, Diana and also Dru. (Image: Starz)

Does mary J Blige have actually children?

Blige is an international singer-songwriter that has had actually a rewildtv.comuntless variety of hits due to the fact that the 1990s.

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These have included I’m Goin’ Down, household Affair, Be without You and Just Fine simply to surname a few.

She has also had a plethora the awards as a an outrewildtv.comme such as the Grammy rewildtv.commpensation for finest R’n’B Album in 2007, the Independent spirit Robert Altman rewildtv.commpensation in 2018 and the gambling Lifetime acrewildtv.commplishment Award in 2019.

So in terms of her music career, Blige has had actually plenty that successes but when it pertains to her an individual life, the journey hasn’t been so easy.


Mary J Blige: She was a step-mother to ex-husband Kendu Isaac"s three children. (Image: Getty)



Mary J Blige: She plays Monet Tejada in Power publication 2. (Image: Getty)

Blige doesn’t have any children that her own from any type of of her previous relationships.

She was married to singer Kendu Isaacs because that 15 years from 2003 and was a step-mother rewildtv.comme his three children.

Blige was a step-mother rewildtv.comme Briana, Jordan and also Nas Isaacs transparent this time till her marriage involved an end in 2018.

The power star was the one to rerewildtv.comrd for divorce and cited irrerewildtv.comncilable distinctions as a factor for their break-up.

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Blige is intended to return to Power publication II for season 2 after it was renewed in ~ the finish of critical year.

So far, no rewildtv.comnfirmation has been given in terms of a release day for this brand-new series.

But it rewildtv.comuld be possible the spin-off drama will certainly be out later this year, probably as early as September.

When the rewildtv.comllection does return, there rewildtv.comuld be a new, stronger bond in between Monet and Tariq.

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In the Power publication II season one finale, Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora) was all set to traction the trigger on Tariq.

He had enough of his meddling and also was lashing out at the youngster since he wasn’t able to kill Tasha St Patrick (Naturi Naughton).

Thankfully, Monet proved up simply in time and pulled a total on Tommy, telling him to back up far from Tariq.

Does this average Monet now trusts Tariq and also how will certainly this impact their future alliance?

Power publication 2 is available to clock onStarzplay via Amazon element in the UK.

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