Charlie is the worldwide Branding Officer because that the award-winning RumChata brand rum cream. The is responsible because that executing all the brand marketing efforts for this now, one-million instance seller, RumChata.

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ITM: hi Charlie, many thanks for talking v us today. Most civilization are not acquainted with the base product in RumChata, i beg your pardon is horchata. I would guess they think that it together a rum cream. Have the right to you explain to us what horchata is?

CM: Horchata is a soft drink served throughout Latin America, v roots going ago centuries. Recipes are often passed down from generation come generation and include differed mixtures of rice, sugar, vanilla, cinnamon and either water or dairy. When horchata has actually an exotic history, the cinnamon and also vanilla seasonings are really familiar and nostalgic.

ITM: It drink beautifully straight, but mixologists about the nation have choose up on this brand and use it in their distinctive recipes. Can you talk about its mix ability?

CM: The vanilla and spices that kind RumChata’s base space widely supplied in baking, so we always knew the flavor was going to be versatile. Us hoped bartenders would pick up on that and also experiment v their own recipes, and we’re thrilled through how far they’ve thrust it. Our fans have actually really been the driving force in discovering brand-new drinks. We have over 125 ~ above RumChata.com now, plenty of of which came directly from the public.

The flavor of RumChata is together a smooth, subtle base the it really enables all various other flavors to shine. Blended with flavored Vodkas or fine Bourbons — even Absinthe — RumChata draws out the distinctive flavors, when smoothing over any harsh edges. That’s why civilization have been so passionate to mix it with just around anything.

ITM: A lucky couple of liqueurs room a organic accompaniment come food, her being among them. Have the right to you expound top top this for our numerous chef subscribers?

CM: It every comes earlier to the flavor. In the liqueur, the Rum really pushes the vanilla and also spice notes to the forefront, and it does the exact same for foods. You can taste the distinction when girlfriend bite right into RumChata French toast — the flavors room bolder and also richer. It’s the very same with RumChata bread pudding, pumpkin pie, and also all species of other recipes. And also it isn’t just baked goods; you have the right to drizzle RumChata end berries and also experience much more pronounced flavors.

ITM: Is it gluten free?

CM: Yes. RumChata has actually been certified come be listed below the limit of quantitation by the academy of farming and herbal Resources at the college of Nebraska, Lincoln.

ITM: You deserve to taste the well-off cream in the product. Perform you have to refrigerate RumChata once it’s opened?

CM: RumChata will never ever go poor if stored in ~ room temperature. Us homogenize the dairy and the alcohol come ensure the won’t happen. However, a party that is opened may start to shed some the its spicy flavor ~ twelve months. If the bottle has been exposed to too much heat or cold, there can be other issues with the product.As lengthy as RumChata is stored at room temperature, we’re confident a bottle on the back bar will be empty long before there are any kind of issues through the product.

ITM: Is RumChata available in all the significant markets, and is over there a distributor list obtainable for brand-new customers?

CM: Yes. RumChata is right now on shelves in every 50 states and also the Caribbean, and also by this fall RumChata will be accessible across all 10 Canadian provinces and 3 territories. You deserve to reach the end to our sales folks through our website to uncover out the name of regional distributors.

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ITM: RumChata has really bring away off. Go this product loan itself come line extensions such as various flavors?

CM: Our fans come up with new flavors every day, from tiramisu martinis to RumChata root beer floats. Right now we’re working to certain our pan can discover the one and only RumChata brand rum cream in every bar and retail outlet. We recognize there room hundreds an ext amazing recipes us haven’t discovered yet, and those are the just flavors we’re concentrated on right now.