I occupational at petsmart currently and I saw sheetz is up for 15$ one hour and also I was wonder what that was choose working there due to the fact that I’m fear to work-related the food component and ns was wonder if the pay is weekly or bi weekly ?

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Bi-weekly pay. I work for Sheetz and also for reference, i am 50+ and also never operated in a kitchen prior to (but bartended/served for plenty of years). Ns was a small intimated through the kitchen at first, yet it really is at sight easy and now my choice is to work-related in the kitchen. If you do the jump, just ask numerous questions; us were all brand-new once. Expect this helps.

For what it’s worth: the $15 is gonna end up being $14 ~ above the 24th. There’s an extra $1 bundled in there for the summer

It’s great honestly!! I functioned in food however just at a pretzel manufacturing facility so never a formal kitchen and we just had pretzels. Ns was intimidated at an initial too. But I’ve been below 3 months and also I already got advocated to supervisor! i honestly love it. You will do it go through a training regime at a training store and also you’ll learn the register, kitchen, everything! the scary at an initial for sure, yet the much more you perform it, whatever is great. Friend don’t need to memorize recipes or anything as every little thing is ~ above the screens and also how much. Super an excellent benefits too!

Well choose I’m fine through a it is registered it’s simply the an excellent part together petsmart is my very first job ever plus ns getting worn down of ppl asking me dumb questions around pets and also it pains me to watch ppl purchase too small of tanks and also all for fish :(

it's not bad at all! sheetz is more than likely one of the better jobs of many i've had actually over the years. Once you learn exactly how to read the display screens you're usually fine in the kitchen! the display screens tell you exactly what come do! :)

Sheetz is a terrific job to have. Particularly the benefits and bonus opportunities. Wish ns wouldve began at sheetz sooner

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started 2 mainly ago, this is my very first job, and it has been quite good. Several benefits and not too hard of work, many of the is simply repetition until you gain the bespeak of points down.

As a agency it is great. My very first store was amazing ad I never thought I'd leave the company. 2nd store to be awful and I left after 2 days. As soon as I tell human being that and they ask what Sheetz the solution is constantly "oh yeah.... Everyone that has worked there claims it's awful". So as lengthy as you don't end up in one v crap management, you should be good. I'll add that coworkers at both shop were every good.