The doppelganger is a nurse named Ashley that is indigenous Nashville, which wake up to be Swift"s hometown.

Taylor Swift"s lookalike wake up to it is in from the exact same hometown as the singer.   |  Photo Credit: Instagram

We often joke around somewhere around the world, there is a twin that looks specifically like us. Crossing courses with the or her is highly unlikely however the instance is amusing.

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However, many thanks to the internet, netizens can come throughout various doppelgangers of famous celebrities. One such twin has gone viral on the internet.

A nurse indigenous Tennessee named Ashley has acquired the internet’s rather unwarranted reason as she watch strikingly comparable to the renowned pop singer Taylor Swift. Yes, the blonde hair reduced in the exact same hairstyle and the blue eyes make her the perfect pair to the ‘Shake that Off’ singer.

Her posts on Instagram and on TikTok are being shared generally by netizens. Her social media handles on both the pages space ‘traumarn13’, i beg your pardon is another similarity as it matches Swift’s social media handle on Twitter and Instagram.

Still cannot think if she looks prefer the singer or not? Well, here are part photos.

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Just fooling about with the camera #taylorswift #vibes #goodvibes #redlips #blondehair #fun

A short article shared by Ashley (
traumarn13) top top Jul 20, 2020 at 8:28pm PDT

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For everyone asking about the glasses - I got these native Target ☺️ i have had them for rather a couple of years, so i am not sure if they are still available. #target #targetstyle #sunglasses #sunglassesfashion #pink #pastel #taylorswift #taylorswiftlookalike #love #fashion #summer #laughs #nurse #traumanurse

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traumarn13) on Jul 22, 2020 at 10:46pm PDT

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Felt so good to be ago to work today - gift there because that my patients v the most fragile moments of their stays is mine calling....what is yours? #nursing #traumanurse #nurse #nashville #tennessee #lovewhatyoudo #happiness #love #fun #blackscrubs #scrubs

A write-up shared by Ashley (
traumarn13) on Jul 23, 2020 in ~ 9:19pm PDT

She had likewise shared a video on TikTok where she had actually mentioned once she actions out the her house as human being stop to click pictures with her. She has taken the hoax in good spirits and is enjoying the attention she is getting.

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No one might ever truly look like the queen - ns ❤️ TS. My nickname has been TS ever because I might remember... #taylorswift #goodvibes #havingfun #justforlaughs #tiktok #jokes #nashville #love

A write-up shared by Ashley (
traumarn13) ~ above Jul 20, 2020 in ~ 8:34pm PDT

Interestingly, she likewise happens to it is in from Nashville, which is the singer’s hometown. Fairly uncanny, right?

The comment section on her Instagram page has been buzzing with task since she posted her selfies. “You might be her twin sister OMG!,” one user reaction which echoed the sentiment of plenty of others who believed that she really is she doppelganger.

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However, there were some that were not convinced. One user in reality said, “she doesn’t watch anything favor Taylor.”

What is her verdict? Is she really a doppelganger or there room stark differences?


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