Like that is predecessors, the all-new 2020 BMW X5 is one xDrive all-wheel journey SUV it is perfect because that a household of adventurers who appreciate the comforts and also performance the come with a luxury vehicle but desire to have the ability to get it come the ski hill/cabin/campsite.

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BMW’s X5 very first debuted in 1999, marking the brand’s foray right into the mid-range SUV market. Due to the fact that then, the grown v upgrades in each brand-new iteration.

This year, the all-new 2020 BMW X5 delivers better performance and also handling than ever, too as much more space.


Here are few of the most well-known questions and also answers around the newly-released 2020 BMW X5.

Is the 2020 BMW X5 a 7-Seater?

The 3 X5 version variants, the X5 xDrive40i, X5 xDrive45e, and also X5 M50i are all conventional 5-seater vehicles. The said, that is feasible to update the xDrive40i design to a 7-seater by opting because that the third-row package. When not in use, the additional two seats can be folded down to boost storage space.

Does the 2020 BMW X5 have actually a 3rd row?

The core design variants of the 2020 BMW X5 are 5-seaters and also do not have actually a third row. However, there is an upgrade package because that the xDrive40i models that allows you include a third row, do it possible to fit seven civilization at once.


Does the 2020 BMW X5 have a remote start?

Yes. The 2020 BMW X5 has an easy-to-use remote start button on the vital fob.

Can the 2020 BMW X5 tow a trailer?

Yes—as long as it doesn’t weigh an ext than 7,200 lbs, i m sorry is the 2020 BMW X5’s max tow weight. That means the 2020 BMW X5 deserve to pull a selection of small trailers or boats with the factory-installed hitch.


What colours walk the 2020 BMW X5 come in?

The 2020 BMW X5 come in a variety of various colours, consisting of Carbon black Metallic, Arctic Grey Metallic, Alpine White, Tanzanite Blue Metallic, Mineral White Metallic, Ametrine Metallic and also Phytonic Blue Metallic. There’s something because that every taste.


Does the 2020 BMW X5 have actually Apple CarPlay?

Yes. The 2020 BMW X5 lets you talk to Siri, answer or check out texts via audio and also voice control, beat music and more, all thanks to to apologize CarPlay, i m sorry comes installed on every base models. Even particular third-party apps deserve to be offered on the vehicle’s user interface via apologize CarPlay.

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Does the 2020 BMW X5 have a CD player?

No. The 2020 BMW X5 does not have actually a CD player. In fact, BMW has been phasing out the CD player in its newer vehicles, opting rather to let customers stream audio audio content via bluetooth.