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Nonstop drive time

How far is the distance between Detroit and Toronto? The direct drive from Detroit, United says to Toronto, Canada is 232 miles or 374 km, and also should have a journey time of 4 hours in normal traffic.

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Detroit come Toronto journey time with breaks

Driving indigenous Detroit to Toronto takes around 4 hrs if you do it nonstop, and given the it's just 4 hours, girlfriend probably have the right to do the in one go without issues.

If you want to protect against along the way, though, over there are definitely interesting sights come see! take a look at the finest stops on a Detroit come Toronto drive for part inspiration.

What urban are in between Detroit and Toronto?

If you're reasoning of driving in between Detroit and Toronto and thinking of continuing to be a night, it's precious looking at a couple of of the urban that room on the route. The most well-known cities come stop between Detroit and Toronto room Hamilton, London, Mississauga, Stratford, Lincoln, Burlington, and also St. Catharines. Hamilton is the most popular city top top the path — it's 3 hrs from Detroit and also less 보다 an hour from Toronto.

Going back? How much is Toronto indigenous Detroit?

Honestly, the shouldn't different by too much, however if you're curious about the drive back, inspect out the reverse directions to see how far Toronto is from Detroit.

On your expedition from Detroit to Toronto, protect against by Hamilton, London, Mississauga, Stratford, Lincoln, Burlington, and St. Catharines! Make certain to visit Hamilton, the most famous city top top the route, and also see Hamilton's peak attractions favor Canadian Warplane heritage Museum, Dundurn Castle, and also HMCS Haida National historical Site.

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London is a Canadian city in southwestern Ontario, simply north that Lake Erie and the U.S. Border. It's home to the college of western Ontario. Amongst the city's selection of museums room Museum London, a showcase for local art and historical artefacts, and the interaction Children's Museum. The city centre features plenty of parks and also greenways follow me the Thames River.