Express the time-averaged energy density of electromagnetic waves in terms of their electric and magnetic ar amplitudesCalculate the Poynting vector and also the power intensity of electromagnetic wavesExplain just how the power of one electromagnetic wave relies on its amplitude, conversely, the power of a photon is proportional to its frequency

Anyone who has used a microwave cooktop knows there is energy in electromagnetic waves. Sometimes this energy is obvious, such as in the warm of the summer Sun. Various other times, it is subtle, such together the unfelt power of gamma rays, i beg your pardon can ruin living cells.

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Electromagnetic waves carry energy into a device by virtue of your electric and also magnetic fields. These areas can exert forces and also move charges in the device and, thus, do job-related on them. However, there is power in an electromagnetic wave itself, whether it is absorbed or not. When created, the fields carry energy away from a source. If some energy is later on absorbed, the ar strengths are diminished and also anything left travels on.

Clearly, the bigger the strength of the electric and magnetic fields, the more work they have the right to do and also the better the power the electromagnetic tide carries. In electromagnetic waves, the amplitude is the maximum ar strength of the electric and magnetic fields ((Figure)). The wave energy is figured out by the tide amplitude.

Energy lugged by a wave counts on that is amplitude. V electromagnetic waves, doubling the E fields and also B areas quadruples the energy density u and also the power flux uc.

, the electric and also magnetic areas obey the equations


More generally, the flux of energy through any surface likewise depends on the orientation of the surface. To take it the direction into account, we present a vector

the same. Then usage the relationship of area A in the diagram to distance squared to uncover the street that produce the calculated adjust in area.

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Solution using the proportionality that the areas to the squares that the distances, and also solving, we achieve from the diagram

Significance The variety of a radio signal is the preferably distance between the transmitter and receiver that enables for common operation. In the lack of symptom such together reflections native obstacles, the intensity complies with an inverse square law, and also doubling the range would require multiplying the power by four.


The energy lugged by any type of wave is proportional to its amplitude squared. Because that electromagnetic waves, this method intensity have the right to be expressed as

where I is the median intensity in

for a time that 1.00 ns. (a) What is the maximum magnetic field strength in the wave? (b) What is the intensity of the beam? (c) What power does it supply on an


Poynting vectorvector equal to the overcome product of the electric-and magnetic fields, that explains the circulation of electromagnetic power through a surface