In autumn 3, the advice loading display screen said I can stop a confrontation if I put my weapon away and also the enemy NPC just might forgive me. Has this actually ever before worked? has anyone else ever done it?


Yeah dude it functions all the time, if friend accidentally shoot someone as soon as or double holster her weapon and also they'll forgive you. It just works with friendly personalities though, not v raiders or feral ghouls etc. Just be carful due to the fact that sometimes it won't protect against your companion from continuing to attack

I accidently fight a BoS man with a baseball bat once a few days back and the was no forgiving at all.

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Was in the funding Wasteland utilizing TTW, yet wouldn't have thought that would certainly make any kind of difference...

Yeah, I've tried it in Megaton, when I had actually a 'premature' inadvertently firing minute when ns was trying out a pistol I'd simply bought, i don't think I eliminated an NPC yet I go hit them and also the whole town went crazy so I just holstered and also gave up and also the entirety town just forgot around it.

It does work, yes, yet generally speaking only if:

The adversary NPC(s) aren't usually hostile. So, for example, if you accidentally shot who in Megaton and also everyone's currently shooting at you, you can try the holstering trick. It would certainly not work in the center of a Raider den, with all the Raiders trying to offer you a collection of new orifices.

You haven't killed anyone. If friend accidentally shot who in Megaton yet didn't kill them, climate you can shot the holstering trick. If you've accidentally killed someone, though, chances are they'll continue shooting in ~ you even if you're no holding a weapon.

Depends on the NPC in question, however yes it definitely does work. If girlfriend accidentally shoot a trusted person and then holster your tools they will certainly forgive you. Execute it again and also they won't be so forgiving.

You can use this come shoot a quite gun out of someones hand. They'll probably pick that up yet you deserve to pickpocket it rather of killing them for the weapon.

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oooooh... You know.. I've always wanted La Longue Carabine, but didn't want to lose NCR by death him. However yeah, one shoot to make him angry and also draw the weapon, and also another come knock it the end of his hands!

Most the the time. I accidentally shoot the physician lady in Novac if trying to death the nightkin that's killing brahmin. Ns think ns shot her double so when I establish I had actually I holstered mine weapon and also everyone went back to gift friendly.