There room two instances in this geometry problem. In the very first case, the worth of $x$ is given and also it is $25^\circ$ yet the value of $y$ is unknown. In the 2nd case, the worth of $x$ is unknown however the value of $y$ is given and it is $35^\circ$.

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However, there is a geometrical relation between the literals $x$ and also $y$ as presented in the image. Let us an initial find the relation in between theme and then the same relation offered to uncover the worths of variables in both cases.


$\overleftrightarrowAB$ is a right line and its middle suggest is $O$. We understand that, the edge of a right line is always $180^\circ$ geometrically.

$\therefore \,\,\,\,\,\, \angle AOB = 180^\circ$.

The ray $\overrightarrowOC$ is started from suggest $O$. It provides $3x^\circ$ angle through $\overrightarrowOB$ heat and additionally makes $(2y+5)^\circ$ angle with $\overrightarrowOA$ ray.

Therefore, $\angle COB = 3x^\circ$ and also $\angle COA = (2y+5)^\circ$.

Geometrically, the angle $AOB$ is equal to the amount of the angles $COA$ and $COB$.

$\therefore \,\,\,\,\,\, \angle AOB = \angle COA + \angle COB$

$\implies \angle COA + \angle COB = \angle AOB$

$\implies (2y+5)^\circ + 3x^\circ = 180^\circ$

The mathematical an interpretation of $x^\circ$ in the term $3x^\circ$ is the worth of $x$ is in degrees. Remember it and also just compose it as $x$ in the equation. Therefore, the product the number $3$ and $x$ provides an angle in degrees.The definition of the expression $(2y+5)^\circ$ is an angle in degrees. It is actually developed by the sum of the terms $2y$ and also $5$. If the worth of the expression $(2y+5)^\circ$ is in degrees, the worths of the terms $2y$ and also $5$ should be in degrees. Then just the sum of them will be in degrees. So, The ax $5$ is created as $5^\circ$. Similarly, the term $2y$ is in degrees and also it is possible if $2$ is a number and also $y$ is an edge in degrees. Therefore, the expression $(2y+5)^\circ$ have the right to be created as $2y+5^\circ$ in the equation.

$\implies 2y + 5^\circ + 3x = 180^\circ$

$\implies 3x+2y = 180^\circ -5^\circ$

$\therefore \,\,\,\,\,\, 3x+2y = 175^\circ$

Case: 1

It is given that the value of $x$ is $25^\circ$, substitute it in the equation and also find the value of $y$ in degrees.

$3x+2y = 175^\circ$

$\implies 3(25^\circ) + 2y = 175^\circ$

$\implies 75^\circ + 2y = 175^\circ$

$\implies 2y = 175^\circ -75^\circ$

$\implies 2y = 100^\circ$

$\implies y = \dfrac100^\circ2$

$\therefore \,\,\,\,\,\, y = 50^\circ$

Therefore, the worth of $y$ is $50$ levels if the value of $x$ is $25^\circ$.

Case: 2

In this case, the worth of $y = 35^\circ$. Instead of the value of $y$ in the equation to achieve the worth of $x$ in degrees.

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$3x+2y = 175^\circ$

$\implies 3x+2(35^\circ) = 175^\circ$

$\implies 3x+70^\circ = 175^\circ$

$\implies 3x = 175^\circ -70^\circ$

$\implies 3x = 105^\circ$

$\implies x = \dfrac105^\circ3$

$\therefore \,\,\,\,\,\, x = 35^\circ$

Therefore, the value of $x$ is $35^\circ$ if the value of $y$ is same to $35^\circ$.