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Welcome to the on-line installation tutorial!

If girlfriend came throughout this web page while looking for van information, you re welcome take a moment to examine out our security products for your van here.

This tutorial will display you exactly how to download a Jimmi" Jammer® ~ above the adhering to vehicles:

Full size Ford E-Series Van, 1997-2014. Also applies to some more recent van chassis cut aways or box vans. Vehicle drivers front door is shown, passenger side and also side cargo doors space similar.

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Jimmi" Jammer® component Numbers Get PN 113502 to defend the 2 front doors. .(Kit protects both front doors.) gain PN 113503 to safeguard the side cargo door (Passenger next swing open up style, single.) Get PN 113504 to protect the behind cargo door.

If your van door has been damaged approximately the lock ~ above the door, friend may be able to use our fix Kit because that Ford E-Series vans, which offers an exterior plate come cover the lock edges.. Details here..

If you are prepared to remove the lock cylinder altogether, examine out ours PunchPlug for Ford E-Series vans.

we now additionally offer a Hood Latch Jimmi" Jammer®. It is possible to go through the grill and release the hood with a screwdriver. When this is done, alarms can conveniently be disabled, batteries steal etc. Our Hood Latch Jimmi" Jammer® will certainly deny access via the hood. See PN 5471.

Time Required: First door up to 1 hour, 2nd door about 30 min, relying on your experience.

Tools Required:

Metric socket set 3/16 allen head tool lengthy nose pliers Standard and also phillips screwdrivers Recommended: object lock adhesive, such together loctite brand.

Installation Procedure:

Door panel Removal: (This tutorial to be performed ~ above a 2010 E250 van. Various other years and versions may vary.)

Photo 1 shows the drivers front door panel.

Note: Every effort is made come accurately portray the installation process. However, sometimes the car manufacturer makes changes that affect the measures in door dashboard removal or installation our product. Use this tutorial as a overview only. If you room not certain of her ability, refer installation come a professional.

Work carefully and also take note or do sketches to aid you placed the door earlier together properly.

Use a little tray to save screws and parts eliminated in for this reason they don"t get lost.

photograph 1

picture 2

Remove the top trim dashboard on the inside corner of the door. That is hosted with a snap clip. Eliminate by pulling right out away from the door.

picture 2

Photo 3

Remove the screw stop the door dashboard in place.

picture 3

Photo 4

Remove the plastic screw sheathe behind the within door handle. The is a snap in cover. Use a small, flat screwdriver to pry it out carefully.

Remove the door panel holding screw covert behind the cover.

photograph 4

Photo 5

Remove the ring screw cover at the bottom outside corner of the door dashboard by prying the outward.

There is likewise a door panel holding screw behind the cover. Eliminate it now.

picture 5

Photo 6

closely pry the switch panel up. The is hosted in location with 2 snap clips, one at each end. Gently pry upward on the brief ends till the panel comes up.

This is a great time to make certain the window is up, prior to disconnecting the move pad.

picture 6

Photo 7

Disconnect the door lock and power home window connectors.

Work carefully. Over there is a release bar you need to push to pull the connectors out. Push the lever in firmly, climate pull the connector directly out.

NEVER traction on the wires, organize the body of the connector! DO not stick a driver in the connector, there room live relations in there and also you can damage your electric system or yourself!

photograph 7

Photo 8

Connectors come out rather quickly when the release lever is depressed. You have the right to see the release lever on the connector to the left, in the facility of the body.

Remove the switch module native the door.

photograph 8

Photo 9

Remove the inside door take care of shroud through prying tenderness outward. (Screw from picture 4 must be removed first.)

photograph 9

Photo 10

Remove the door dashboard holding screw located over the handle.

photograph 10

Photo 11

The door panel need to now feeling loose. You should have the ability to lift it upward quickly now.

If the dashboard is not loose, watch for additional screws hold the panel in place. Execute not force anything as the plastic will break. Look for snap clips or screws top top older design years.

Once the panel is loose, elevator upward and away native door far enough to disconnect any added wires such together courtesy lights or mirror controls (shown here, ago of dashboard view.)

photograph 11

Photo 12

With the door panel loose, and all wires disconnected, lift the panel up and also away from the door frame.

Set the panel off to the side where it can"t acquire damaged.

photograph 12

Photo 13

Peel earlier the plastic splash guard far enough to allow accessibility to the inner door cavity.

photo 13

Steps 14 and also 15 space optional, yet will provide you much more room to work.

Photo 14

Note the location and also position that the bolt hold the home window channel in place. Next, look increase in the door cavity and see exactly how the home window channel is clipped to the upper window channel through a simple slide top top snap clip.

Remove the bolt stop the window channel in ~ the bottom. The home window channel will now be loose and have the right to be moved. The home window will not move.

photograph 14

Photo 15

You have the right to either totter the window channel the end of the way, or pull it downward to remove it completely. It is simple to put earlier on, just note exactly how it is fastened top top the top end before removing it.

picture 15

Photo 16

Disconnect the lock rod native the lock pawl. (The lock pawl is the orange piece in this photo.)

Trick: usage a small screwdriver ~ above the end of the lock pawl to separate the snap halves. Press the screwdriver in against the rod, then pull the rod outward against the screwdriver. Both have to come out conveniently without damaging the pawl.

photo 16

Photo 17

The lock cylinder is organized in the door steel using a snap clip. If her van has already been burglarized, this clip may be at the bottom that the door cavity, and the lock may be hanging out of the door, or absent altogether.

If the clip is quiet in place, pull it off the lock by sliding it versus the door metal, far from the open end of the clip.

If the door sheet metal is damaged, and you don"t arrangement to have it professionally fixed, straighten out the steel as best you can at this time.

picture 17

Photo 18

This Jimmi" Jammer® kit for this valve is a two piece arrangement.

One plate has actually a large hole in the center. This is the assistance plate.

Put the assistance plate end the lock cylinder. That will need to butt approximately the increased area the the door metal surrounding the lock cylinder.

If needed, make certain the damaged door steel is straightened so plate rests level against the door.

photograph 18

Photo 19

The second component of this kit is the instead of clip.

Start by adding a drop of loctite thread lock adhesive to the set screws. Then, acquire the collection screws started, they need to not protrude through the backside that the clip.

From the outside of the door, press on the lock face to make certain it is seated in the door. At the exact same time, slide the clip, open finish first, toward the lock. The clip uses the very same grooves top top the lock that the factory snap clip used.

photograph 19

Photo 20

Push the clip every the way against the lock cylinder as shown.

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Tighten the collection screws. (We recommend the loctite to stop the screws from loosening over time and vibration.)

Test the lock is heavy in the door. It have to not relocate at all. Test the operation of the lock utilizing the key.

Put the lock rod back in place in the lock pawl and test that there is no interference between the pole end and also the Jimmi" Jammer clip.

Now you can reassemble your door in reverse order.

Place the window warning label in the lower corner of the window, within surface. Clean and also dry the window before placing the sticker on. Place carefully due to the fact that the adhesive top top the sticker labels is really strong.

photograph 20

That"s it!

If you had actually variations in her installation, please report them to us. Photos are constantly appreciated, with a quick explanation. Us can add it to this tutorial to aid others.