There deserve to be a couple of reasons why the dome irradiate won’t rotate off once the door is closed on your vehicle or truck. Periodically it’s because it’s been manually left on, and other times there may be a difficulty with the dome irradiate switch or the door. This short article and video reviews how to diagnose and also fix a dome light the won’t rotate off also when the door is shut.

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Why the Dome Light continues to be on and Won’t rotate Off when the Door Is Closed


Reasons Why the Dome Light will Not revolve Off

The dome light is claimed to revolve on when you gain in and out of the car. It’s mainly for courtesy, and enables you to check out if it’s dark outside.

Here’s why your dome light might not turn off after ~ you’ve close up door your automobile or truck’s door

Dimmer move Is onBad Dome irradiate SwitchBad Door Hinges, Misaligned Door, or negative Door LatchDome Light to be Manually rotate On

How come Diagnose a Dome Light the Won’t turn Off when the Door Is Closed

See If the Dome Light to be Left on

Depending on the kind of dome light, watch if it was left on. It might be a press dome light, or it may have actually a switch that allows you adjust the setting.


Reasons Why your Dome irradiate Won’t revolve On

If the dome irradiate doesn’t occupational at all, it’s commonly since of an electric issue.

1. Inspect the Dome light Bulb and also Connector

Remove the dome irradiate lens and check the pear for a charred out filament or black or discolored glass. If this is the case, the bulb is bad and also it needs to it is in replaced.

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2. Check for power at the Dome Light

If the dome light doesn’t occupational after replacing the bulb, test it v a power probe prefer a test light. Check for strength at the circuit. If there is power and the test light lamp up, there is still an worry with the pear or the bulb’s connector points.

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3. If There’s No Power, check the Fuse or Relay

If the test light does no light up, that means there is no strength at the dome light and also further diagnosing is required. Typically a relay or a fuse will certainly be the issue. Check the fuse due to the fact that it is most likely burnt. If not, it could be the switch or the door.

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