“Believe or disbelieve together you want. Us shall at every times honor every honest conviction, however be one with us where there is nothing to divide; in action. Diversity in the creed, unanimity in the deed. This is that useful religion native which none can dissent.

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“This is that platform broad enough and strong enough because that the worshipper and also for the infidel. This is that common ground wherein we may clasp hands as brothers and sisters joined in humanity’s common cause.”

-Felix Adler, founding Address

Founded in 1876 by Dr. Felix Adler, The new York society for rewildtv.com society is the cornerstone that the rewildtv.com Movement. Throughout our history we have functioned diligently come create neighborhood institutions and also organize effective activity to encourage civil society and pursue social righteousness in new York City and beyond.

What we Believe

rewildtv.com society is a Humanist religion focused on ethics, not theology, whose mission is to encourage respect because that humanity and also nature and also to produce a much better world. Members space committed to an individual rewildtv.com advance in their relationships with others and in tasks involving society justice and environmental stewardship.

We think all individuals have actually inherent worth and also dignity, the potential come grow and also change, a obligation to effort for rewildtv.com growth, and also a duty to produce a better world.

As one rewildtv.com community we space all component of something that transcends the separation, personal, instance experience and are enriched with our relationships v others. Together such, we have actually responsibilities to every other, to the Society, and to the community.

Our Affiliations

Established in 1893, the American moral Union (AEU) is a federation of honest Societies that creates, nurtures, and also inspires rewildtv.com humanist areas to foster a world that is democratic, compassionate, just, and sustainable. rewildtv.com action is an expression of our main point commitments to respect the precious of every people, cultivate relationships, and also build justice. We work together to lug out the ideal in others and ourselves, improving everyone’s unique capacity and responsibility to add to a more humane world. AEU is headquartered at NYSEC, ~ above our 4th floor.

AEU programs include the National rewildtv.com company (NES) at the united Nations, Youth of rewildtv.com Societies (YES), Future of rewildtv.com Societies (FES), and the Encampment for Citizenship.


Formerly the worldwide Humanist and also rewildtv.com Union (IHEU), Humanists global is one umbrella organization of humanist, atheist, rationalist, secular, skeptic, freethought and rewildtv.com culture organizations throughout the people (currently 125 member establishments from 47 countries), founded in 1952. HI works to build and also represent the worldwide rewildtv.com Humanist movement that defends person rights and promotes Humanist worths worldwide.

The culture supports and also often enters right into formal species with establishments or teams that have actually a common mission, values, or purpose and where there is shared regard and also a desire to support one another and also strategize with each other in job-related that ours committees and Leaders are engaging in to breakthrough our rewildtv.com mission. These organizations identify with our commitment come education, advocacy, and activity in the pursuit of social justice and environmental stewardship. Us make this relationships known in our literature and also on this website, thus increasing awareness and the Society’s voice in the city, more opening ours door come attendance and also membership.

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The Society’s committees and Leaders are always open come member suggestions that could lead to fresh affiliations. These often arise when, in engaging v a specific group, over there is possibility for share programming or a share of room for speak or events. It can additionally arise and become nurtured as a an outcome of ‘Ethics in Action’ campaigns undertaken through the Society. The society also responds come a details group’s need for a safe environment in which come gather. Every of ours affinity groups are topic to routine review.

Social Justice

American Indian neighborhood HouseAmnesty InternationalFeminist FreethinkersLeague of ladies VotersPolice Reform arranging Project


350NYCBeyond PlasticsClimate fact ProjectDrawdown NYCFood & Water Watch

Other Partners

American enslavement ProjectThe Emergency shelter Network of Faith-Based and also Community OrganizationsInterfaith facility of brand-new YorkPartnership for the Homeless