Tell united state what girlfriend ride, and also we’ll tell friend what come use. Find the ideal oil for your bike utilizing the Motorcycle Lookup Guide.

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For this demonstration, we’re making use of a 2014 Harley-Davidson Softail Fat young Lo through a 103-ci engine. Before you begin, it’s a good idea to start your engine and also let it run for a bit. This will heat up the oil so it flows easily when you’re all set to drainpipe it.

Tools you require for a motorcycle oil change

Oil-drain panRatchet5/8-inch socket5-inch extensionTorque wrench

On Softail models, the oil reservoir is located under the seat. Watch directly listed below the seat– and slightly behind it – underneath the framework to discover the oil drain plug. Usage a ratchet and also 5/8-inch socket to eliminate the drainpipe plug. Once loose, finish removing the plug through hand to prevent dropping it into the oil pan. Remove the oil reservoir cap to increase oil flow.

Ensure the motorcycle is vertical

Place the cycle in a vertical place to drainpipe all the oil. If you’re functioning on a lift, you’re okay. But if you space working v the cycle on the kickstand, straighten the bike to an upright place to certain removal of all the oil.

Next, remove the oil filter. Ar a few rags underneath the filter to catch any drips. You can likewise slide the oil pan under to catch oil the drains native the filter.

Loosen the filter using a ratchet, 5/8-inch extension and also filter wrench. Finish removing that by hand and also quickly relocate it right into your oil pan. Take some shop towels and clean up any kind of residual oil the may have actually spilled when you gotten rid of the filter.

Next, apply a thin film that oil come the gasket top top the brand-new filter. Don’t overdo it. You want a light film to ensure a appropriate seal once you placed the brand-new filter back on.

Thread the filter onto the engine till you feeling the gasket draw snug. Rotate it another fifty percent to three-quarters the a rotate to complete the install.

Re-install the drain plug

Clean the residual debris indigenous the drain plug, install a new O-ring and also thread it earlier into the engine. Snug that up, then use a speak wrench to finish the install. The torque wrench need to be set at 14 come 21 foot-pounds of torque.

Now it’s time to add oil. The Softail calls for three quarts the oil. Start with 2 1/2 quarts. It’s an extremely important no to overfill the reservoir. Next, take the bike for a short ride to bring the engine to operation temperature. Examine the oil level and top-off together necessary. Mental to inspect the oil when it’s hot and also the cycle is top top the kickstand.

Once it’s topped-off, insert the dipstick and check the fluid level one more time.

For your certain bike, above the owner’s hands-on for oil capacity and also viscosity, or inspect out the Product Guide.

20W-50 man-made V-Twin Motorcycle Oil

Excellent in air-cooled motorcycle engines due to high warmth resistance.

Filter Wrench

Designed to install and remove Ea Oil Filters and also Ea Motorcycle Oil filter in hard-to-reach locations.

EaOM Motorcycle Oil filter

The distinct construction and also full-synthetic media the Ea Motorcycle Oil Filters permit them to administer excellent power in motorcycles and also other powersports equipment.

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20W-40 synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil

Designed for those who demand the absolute finest lubrication for your motorcycles.

Motorcycle Octane boost

Designed to enhance startup performance and also eliminate engine ping and also knock for increased power at low-rpm operation.