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Just like humans who use Head and Shoulders shampoo for your dry, itchy scalp, dogs have the right to experience dry skin and also an itchy coat.

Not just is this uncomfortable and also annoying for the dog, yet it can additionally lead to issues with irritated and dry skin. Over time, this can lead to much more serious skin problems if left untreated.

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It isn’t unheard of for a dog through severely dry and itchy skin to uncover something they have the right to rub themselves against to relieve the itch. The difficulty is, they can even do this to the suggest of making us bleed and creating an open up wound.

An open wound top top a dog that goes outside and also rolls around in who knows what is just asking because that an infection, which deserve to lead come a wide range of other health and wellness issues.

If you notification your dog itching or managing dry skin issues, you room likely in search of ways to assist your dog find relief. We’ve all competent a dry, itchy scalp or dry, excited skin, which have the right to be painful and uncomfortable, so the is herbal that we want to aid our dog seek relief.


Can You usage Head and Shoulders on a Dog?

Since humans and also dogs room quite different physiologically, it isn’t normally recommended the you use products that space made for humans on dogs, such as Head and also Shoulders. They regularly have handicap which are various from us and also so need specially formulated products. However, in the instance of Head and also Shoulders, over there is an exception.

While friend shouldn’t use it every time you bathe her dog, that is for sure to usage Head and also Shoulders on her dog in tiny doses. This shampoo is well known for being highly effective at treating dandruff, dry skin, and irritation, so that is helpful for dogs that are handling excessively itchy skin.

The main energetic ingredient in Head and Shoulders is zinc pyrithione, frequently referred to together ZPT. This is a water-soluble substance the is supplied to treat skin issues linked with too much dryness such as dandruff or excited skin.

The shampoo is incredibly efficient on both humans and dogs and with the shampoo just containing 1% zinc pyrithione, it is low enough in concentration come be for sure for use on your dog on occasion.

A dog’s skin is a lot an ext sensitive 보다 our skin is and also since lock have various needs, friend don’t desire to overdo it with the Head and Shoulders. It shouldn’t be used every time the dog bring away a bath. It should be reserved for times once the dog has actually irritated or overly dry skin.

Where a human has actually 15 great of cells comprising our skin, a dog only has 3-5, so the is easy to see why they space so much an ext sensitive come chemicals and also irritants than we are. The pH level in their skin are likewise a lot greater than ours, making for different needs 보다 a human.

Human shampoo tends to have a pH of roughly 5.5, vice versa, a dog really needs something between 6.5-7.5. This is the formula provided in most shampoos particularly designed for dogs.

Why usage Head and also Shoulders On her Dog?

With every one of this in mind, why would certainly you select to usage Head and also Shoulders on her dog as opposed to something made particularly for dogs? an initial and foremost, these assets are not necessarily widely available. Head and also Shoulders deserve to be found at most standard grocery stores and also mass retailers, vice versa, specialty dog shampoos could not it is in as readily available.

If you room lucky sufficient to live somewhere that has specialized products because that dogs, possibilities are they are going to be a lot more expensive than purchasing Head and also Shoulders would certainly be. If this is simply an occasional difficulty that doesn’t require continual treatment, friend can offer your dog relief without breaking the financial institution by using Head and also Shoulders on them instead of an high-quality specialty shampoo.

Cheaper dandruff shampoos do for humans or dogs might use charcoal tar instead of ZPT for relief. This have the right to be effective, yet it isn’t also close to as reliable as ZPT and will administer much an ext short-term relief. If friend are looking for something that is safe and also effective and will carry out long-lasting relief for her dog there is no breaking the bank, Head and also Shoulders is a good idea.

Which Skin conditions Respond fine to Head and Shoulders?

Not every dry skin conditions are the same and also may require various treatments for efficient management. Seborrhea, i beg your pardon is similar to dandruff, is a usual skin concern that countless dogs experience. That can cause dry and itchy skin and also you may even notice that her dog’s skin is red or irritated.

The dry skin will save oil indigenous being removed from the skin and also coat, causing a greasy looking and also feeling coat, i m sorry can, over time, even start to odor bad.

With the energetic ingredient ZPT, Head and also Shoulders space highly efficient at remove skin flakes and soothing skin.

The ZPT in Head and also Shoulders is also effective at killing bacteria and fungi i m sorry may prosper on her dog’s skin or in their coat. Excessive yeast can end up being an issue, particularly around the paw and ears and the shampoo is well suited for treating this problem as well. ZPT acts as an antibacterial and also antifungal agent.

Head and also Shoulders can additionally be offered as flea treatment. The ZPT immobilizes the fleas after around five minutes and also this will permit you come comb them the end of your dog and also wash them under the drain. It is a judicious flea treatment. That is a nice alternate to common flea shampoos and also isn’t together dangerous as some of the an ext traditional assets often supplied to act fleas.

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This no an exhaustive list of the skin conditions that have the right to be treated with Head and Shoulders, however it covers the most usual uses. This is an affordable, safe, and also effective way to manage a range of different skin and also coat problems your dog might suffer from.