The Honda public refuses to be defined by labels. Its surname badge has a long history dating ago to 1972, but the civic is much from aged or stale. That is a compact car, but its inner feels choose that of a larger car. The 2021 Honda public interior attributes are impressive, and also they just get much better with every of Civic’s five available trim levels. Let’s look at at some of the features and capabilities you’ll discover in the newest Civic.

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Civic interior Space


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The public comfortably seats up to 5 adults, and also the native “comfortably” is no exaggeration. The civic leads its course in front-seat room. The front heat head, shoulder, and legroom are simply over 39, 57, and also 42 inches, respectively. The behind row of the civic is additionally head and shoulders over the rest, through room to spare. You’ll enjoy much more than 37 inch of headroom, 55 customs of shoulder room, and 37 customs of legroom in the rear of a Civic.

Even the trunk volume of 15 cubic feet outpaces the of Civic’s competition. If you opt for a public hatchback, your behind cargo volume spans much more than 25 cubic feet v the behind seats upright and also 46 cubic feet v the rear seats urgent down. Speaking of folding those seat down, you have the right to fold the entire rear seat under at as soon as with the EX trim. Choose any kind of of the various other trim levels and also enjoy the 60-40 folding rear seat for added versatility. Have children? store them for sure by tethering their automobile seats come the two easily accessible LATCH systems.

Civic safety Features

Child safety and security isn’t the only safety feature equipped on the 2021 Civic. Honda cares for every person who cd driver or rides in the vehicles and equips those vehicles through the ideal in safety and security technology. Every public comes through Honda’s Collision Mitigating Braking System and automatic high-beam headlights. The Road departure Mitigation system detects once you readjust lanes without signaling. The Civic’s steering and also braking systems then work together come return friend to her lane and out that harm’s way.

The list of accessible safety functions does not finish there. The blind-spot security system, dubbed Honda roadway Watch, is obtainable on pick trim levels. Honda roadway Watch has a tiny camera an installed to the passenger-side rearview winter that screens your blind spot once you activate the ideal tum signal. Additionally, the EX-L and also Touring trims have actually an automatically dimming rearview mirror to store the headlights the vehicles behind you from blinding your vision at night.

A rear backup camera is typical on all new vehicles, consisting of the Civic. This safety feature has helped drivers avoid crashes each day. Yet did you recognize the public offers much more than just your typical rearview angle? in addition to the regular view, the public includes a wide view and also a top-down view for a complete of three possible views of what is behind your vehicle.

The Touring trim level attributes the preferably in easily accessible safety features, including automatic LED headlights for enhanced visibility for you and also other vehicle drivers when the sunlight goes down. The Touring trim additionally includes rain-sensing windshield wipers, help you focus on the road once weather conditions readjust during your drive.

Civic Amenities

Let’s currently look in ~ the amenities the make the public so enjoyable. All 2021 Honda Civics feature stylish cloth seats, however if leather seat are more your taste, upgrade to the EX, EX-L, or Touring trim levels. Take the chill out of frosty mornings with obtainable heated front seats. The Touring trim expand the heated chair amenity to behind outboard passengers. The 8-way power-adjustable driver’s seat, obtainable in the EX, EX-L, and Touring trims, ensures you get the comfort and positioning friend desire when behind the wheel of her Civic. The former passenger that a civic outfitted through the Touring trim have the right to enjoy a 4-way power-adjustable seat. You’ll more enjoy the drive with a leather-wrapped steering wheel, accessible on the sports trim level and also higher.

Ride in comfort thanks to automatic climate control, typical in every Civic. Upgrade the climate control to an easily accessible dual-zone feature or reap a spectacular view via the optional one-touch moon roof. Enjoy music? The Civic’s audio mechanism ranges from 4 to 12 speakers, depending upon the trim level girlfriend choose.

If you gain convenience, public has something for you, such together an optional push-button or remote start feature. The clever Entry with Walk-Away Auto Lock secures her Civic and only unlocks the doors when you and also your “key” fob room within a short distance from the vehicle. Want an additional convenience? How around never again having actually to tug top top the parking brake lever? you can collection the Civic’s parking brake with the straightforward and easy press of a button.

Civic Technology

Technological functions are a need to in today’s vehicles. The public excels in the an innovation category. Its 7-inch screen is much more than simply a quite face. Within its attractive user interface are Apple automobile Play and also Android Auto capacity (Sport trim and higher), satellite radio, tum-by-turn navigation, Honda HD digital traffic, hands-free capability, and voice recognition. If you pick the Touring trim level, girlfriend will get an 8-inch display, and also the LX trim includes a 5-inch display.

Civic Accessories

Honda accessories more personalize your Civic, including functionality, protection, and intrigue. Be sure to inquiry these accessories when you buy or lease a Civic. Because that instance, gain the use of the wireless charging station. Protect your Civic’s carpet through all-weather floor mats and also trunk mat. Illumination for the armrest, console, and front footwell adds a cool soft blue hue to your inner that makes night driving thrilling.

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Kelley Blue book named the public the 2020 finest Buy in the Compact class. With standard features and amenities favor those detailed above, it’s no wonder the Honda public received such accolades. However as the speak goes, seeing is believing. We invite you to research study Ike Honda’s wide selection of new Civics, climate visit our dealership in Marion, Illinois, to suffer the civic for yourself.