Both the them are birds.

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POSTSESSMENT t's Tout ourself A identity what genre of products viewed is being referred below 1. A recording of moving photos that tells a story a…nd that people watch on a display screen or tv 2. A commercial video featuring a power of a famous song frequently through a stylized dramatization by the performers with lip syncing and also special effects 3. A brief promotional film created of clips mirroring highlights of a movie due for release in the near future. 4 A strip of motion-picture film, particularly an excerpt native a longer film or one placed as part of another telecast or full-length motion photo 5 A report that recent event intelligence, informaton 6. Based on or re-creating one actual event era life story, etc. The purports to be factually accurate and also contains no fictional element​
Link the i in tower A with the persons in shaft B come come up with a cause-and-effect statement. Use a conjunction or transitional machine to link t…he clauses. Create the perfect cause-and-effect statement on the present on the following page. The an initial one has been done because that you 1. Person beings have been neglecting the cries the the environ- ment 2. The UNESCO campaign on education and learning for every (EFA) 3. Human rights education and learning has been incorporated in the curriculum 4. The variety of en- dangered species has 5. Deforestation, illegal and also irresponsible logging 6. Skin cancer, impaired vision, and other conditions unimaginable 7. Smoke coming from air and also land transporta- tions, as well as from factories 8. Metropolitan migration 9. Natural resources room depleted and environmental deterioration is extensive 10. Land conversion A. Understanding of one's iright keeps civilization from gift abused and also abusing various other people's legal rights B. Natural disasters like floods, drought, and also famine proceed to plague plenty of nations C. Countless arable lands rich in plant and also animal life are damaged D. Soil erosion and flash floods E. Human being in this high-tech culture continue to overlook the environment F. Countless students indigenous the far-flung barangays currently enjoy education through multigrade instruction and distance education G. Ultraviolet radiation early out to worldwide warming caused by ozone great depletion H. Air air pollution I. Imbalance in nature J. Jam of cities and urban poverty​ instance 1. Human being have actually been neglecting the cries the the environment thus, herbal calamities, favor floods drought, and also faminecontinue to pester many nation 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. ​
can u offer me a inscription to make your friends urged to read. A quick caption po, sana matino na yung sagot :) ​

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ACTIVITY 1 just how to uncover the definition words and also expressions the reflect the local society by noting context clues. In part contexts, the ufamiliar words…are words that reflect or show the loal society o a certain race or courry. To term local society is offered to characterize the experience daily life in different plaes. The is a have fun of people's feelings of appropriatenes. Comfort, and corredness. In the Philippines or example, there are plenty of typical local society that we suffer every day. Fo instance, once speaking come those who are aider or of higher status, Fillipines tend to use prite forms of speech favor 'po' in ~ the end of phrases, sentenes, or questions. This demonstrates respect. An additional example is they take it the elder's hand an place the back of it to the forehead. This gesture is known as pagmamano'. The is additionally at act of respect, wally dore to who eſther larger or a jail of the religious order. The word that reflects tocal culture to other words aid you recognize it meaning.​