I know this subject is a tiny dry yet I wanted to clear up any kind of confusion that several of you might have regarding perfume party sizes.

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Perfumes are sold in a selection of bottle sizes which suggest the volume of liquid in the bottle, decant or vial that scent. They are frequently measured in milliliters (ml) or ounces. As soon as measured in ounces this is usually indicated by fl oz. Or just oz. Perfumers can use one or the various other but since most countries are metric you’ll typically see the amount listed in millimeters instead of or in enhancement to ounces. To do matters confusing, there room US fl oz and UK fl oz yet they are very similar. If the party don’t particularly say UK climate it’s most likely safe come assume the the us measure is used.

Here are several of the most usual sizes you’ll come across:


0.05 fl oz – 1.5 ml This is basically a sample vial that you’ll receive once buying samples virtual or the dimension that you’ll most likely be offered if girlfriend ask for a sample politely at a perfume counter.

.17 fl oz – 5 ml This is the size of a Travalo spray atomizer which they state on their website will contain as much as 65 sprays. That ideally suited to lug in a tiny purse when you’re out and also about.

.08 fl oz – 15 ml This is commonly the size of a thin and also long purse spray.

1 fl oz – 30 ml This is a typical size.

1.4 oz – 40 ml

1.7 oz – 50 ml This is a conventional size.

2 fl oz – 60 ml

3 fl oz – 90 ml

3.4 fl oz – 100 ml This is a conventional size.

4.2 fl oz – 125 ml


So now that you recognize what the common perfume party sizes are you can want to recognize which is the best size come buy…

The price is the it just depends. If you are buying a perfume because that the very first time then the rule of thumb is to stick through a smaller size. It might be something friend smelled on someone else however haven’t in reality tried on yourself. If the a true “blind buy” that led you to acquisition the perfume after reading a glowing evaluation on a newspaper or on one of the countless websites you constant this must be your golden rule.

Most that us have actually made the failure of fallout’s prematurely in love through a perfume and later realize that there’s something around it after wearing it because that awhile the really turns you off. Been there, done that, and may loss victim to my urges again yet hope not. If friend haven’t spent a fortune purchase the biggest bottle around it’s much less traumatic when you have to exile it permanently.

If you’re restocking an old favorite then walk for the biggest size friend see because it will finish up costing you much less per ml. Also then, it is in sure and also sample the perfume first since countless perfumes space reformulated and also the brand-new version might be nothing choose the old one. Perfumes don’t walk bad really quickly as long as they’ve been appropriately stored and also should last at the very least a year, often much longer.


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When buying a perfume I know I love and also will it is in wearing year-round, I commonly buy the 3.4 oz dimension for mine dresser and fill a Travalo v my lovely scent when traveling. And speaking that travel, the biggest acceptable size for carry-on luggage appears to it is in 3.4 oz and also it have to be included in a bag no larger than a quart size. After you’ve cleared security, you can bring any type of purchases you made at Duty complimentary on plank flights also if this above 3.4 oz as lengthy as the seal ~ above the packaging isn’t broken and you can existing a receipt when asked. For checked baggage ns not mindful of any kind of requirements but it’s constantly best to inspect with your airline before flying.

If the perfume is one that i anticipate attract only component or the year – because it’s more of a warm weather or cold weather odor – sometimes I’ll to buy the 1.7 oz. Size rather of the 3.4.

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Confession time: i’m sucker for tiny perfume party as confirmed in the teeny valve Cleef & Arpels first and Bottega Veneta knot minis presented here. Just how cute space they? regularly they come as a gift v purchase as soon as you buy a complete size bottle during promotional events and also aren’t straightforward to find otherwise apart from on eBay.