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Back Fordpage 4CDA logoCopper in healthMakingthemstrongerInteractive graphic of electromagnetPicture 8. We deserve to make the electromagnet more powerful by boosting the current, the number of turns or by putting in a soft iron core.We can make electromagnets stronger in a number of ways. Below are few of them:increase the existing flowinguse an ext turns of copper wireput in a soft steel core.

Let"s watch at every of these.

Bigger currentA bigger existing will make a more powerful magnet. However, there is a limit to exactly how much current can circulation in the wires before it gets as well hot. Also, a bigger current way that more energy is wasted (as heat) in the coil and also in the connecting wires. So it is often finest to try to boost the toughness by adding an ext turns rather than raising the current.

More turnsImagine you have an electromagnet made from a single turn the wire. Friend then include another turn. It"s favor putting another electromagnet beside the very first one. So the toughness of the magnet increases. The an ext turns, the stronger the magnet will certainly become.

Interactive graphics of soft iron corePicture 9. The magnetic particles in a soft steel nail will line up through the magnetic field when the present is switched on.Iron coreIron is a magnetic material. There are magnetic particles within the iron. In soft iron, this particles will line up with an exterior magnetic field. In this way, the soft iron core behaves choose a magnet itself. When the external field is bring away away, the main point will return to normal.

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Imagine we put a piece of soft steel in the middle of a coil the copper wire. Once we move on the current, the coil i do not care an electromagnet. However also, the soft iron core becomes a magnet. The will include to the toughness of the electromagnet.

The impact of the soft iron core is much an ext than doubling the present or the variety of turns.

backtopnextQuestion 3Look in ~ the explanation of the electromagnets below. Decision which is the strongest and also which is the weakest (and because of this which room in between). Do your choices from the drop down lists.20 turns and also a existing of 2 ampsplease choosestrongestin betweenweakest20 turns and a current of 4 ampsplease choosestrongestin betweenweakest20 turns and a present of 2 amps v a soft stole coreplease choosestrongestin betweenweakest40 turns and a present of 2 ampsplease choosestrongestin betweenweakest