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Pokemon gamings only allow you have actually one save paper which way either as soon as you complete the video game or just an intricate restarting to choose a different starter Pokemon, you’re walking to must know how to reset that to begin your adventure end again. This, that course, is true for Pokemon X and also Y. You’ll must know exactly how to reset Pokemon X and also Y if you want to have actually a execute over and also if you’ve read our article on just how to reset Pokemon Sun and also Moon, the technique of doing so is usually the same.

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If you’re top top the hunt because that shiny Pokemon and don’t want to keep transforming your Nintendo 3DS console on and also off come get ago to the house screen, you can use a soft reset method. We’ll additionally be detailing exactly how to soft reset Pokemon X and Y additional down.

How to reset Pokemon X and also Y

You’ve make the decision come either start over her Pokemon X or Y save game as result of completing everything you desire to attain or simply simply want to try out a new starter. The procedure for this is incredibly easy and also can be done in virtually an instant. Monitor the listed below steps because that resetting her Pokemon X and Y game and you’ll quickly be turn off on a brand-new adventure.

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Load increase Pokemon X or Y

Turn on her Nintendo 3DS and load Pokemon X or Y

Press X, B, Up

Once in ~ the game's food selection screen, push the following: X, B, and also Up ~ above the D-pad which will carry up the option to delete your save file

Confirm her reset

Click yes and also you will have actually reset her copy Pokemon X or Y

If you want to reset Pokemon X and Y again, simply repeat this procedure and you have the right to have countless adventures in the Kalos region. As stated earlier, resetting other 3DS Pokemon gamings usually follow the same procedure so if you playing various other versions like Pokemon Sun and also Moon, this technique should tho work.

How to soft reset Pokemon X and also Y

So, as formerly mentioned, soft resetting her Pokemon X and also Y video game is an ideal way of conveniently getting back to the start menu without having actually to totally reboot her device. Here’s how:

Save your gameBe currently playing Pokemon X or Y and save her gamePress L, R, and also STARTAt the suggest you desire to do a soft reset, push the L, R, and START buttonsLoad your conserve fileYou will currently be in ~ the main menu wherein you have the right to load increase your save game

We hope this guide on just how to reset Pokemon X and also Y was basic and basic to follow. Currently go out and explore the Kalos an ar once again!