how to construct a parallelogram given the lengths the its sides and an to construct a parallelogram offered the lengths that its to build a square offered the length of the to build a square offered the length of one to build a rectangle.

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Construct A Parallelogram provided sides and also angle

Example:Construct a parallelogram ABCD through sides ab = 4 cm and advertisement = 5 cm and angle A = 60˚.

Solution:Step 1: construct a line segment ab = 4 cm. Construct a 60˚ angle at allude A.


Step 2:


Step 3: Stretch your compasses to 4 cm, location the sharp end at D and also draw one arc to intersect the arc drawn in step 2. Label the intersecting allude C. Sign up with C come D and also B come C to kind the parallelogram ABCD.


How to build a parallelogram with a given angle and specific side lengths?

Example:Construct a parallelogram with side lengths c and also d and also with a 45° angle.

How to construct a parallelogram, using 2 lengths and also one angle provided?Step 1: make a copy the the given angle.Step 2: make a copy that the lengths because that each side.Step 3: use the compass to mark the fourth vertex.

Construct a Parallelogram offered its diagonals

This video clip shows how to build a parallelogram offered the lengths the its diagonals, using the property that diagonals that a parallelogram bisect each other. An infinite number of parallelograms are possible.

Example:Construct a parallelogram ABCD offered the diagonals AC and also BD.Step 1: Bisect AC and BD.Step 2: draw a circle v the radius amounts to to 1/2 the AC.Step 3: attract a concentric circle v the radius equates to to 1/2 of BD.Step 4: note two points that will kind the diameter ~ above the larger circle.Step 5: mark two points the will form the diameter ~ above the smaller sized circle.Step 6: sign up with the 4 points to kind the parallelogram.

How to construct a parallelogram making use of the intersecting diagonals building of a parallelogram?The diagonals that a parallel bisect every other.

How to build a square offered the size of the diagonal?

The following video shows just how to construct a square with a compass and also straight edge given the size of a diagonal.

How to build a square making use of a diagonal?

How to construct a square given its side?

The following video clip shows exactly how to build a square given the length of one side.

How to construct a square offered the size of one side? Two techniques are shown.

How to construct a rectangle?

How to draw a Rectangle utilizing a Compass and Straight Edge, and also perpendicular bisector constructions.

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Construct a rectangle with compass and also straight edge.Step 1: Construct 2 perpendicular segments.Step 2: note off congruent sides.Step 3: check for 4 appropriate right angles.Step 4: inspect that the diagonals are equal in lengths.

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