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How to say perform you speak english? in Japanese: Eigo Wo Hanashi Masuka?

Learning Japanese for travel or study? Let’s shot this term:

To say carry out you speak english? in Japanese: Eigo Wo Hanashi Masuka?Say it the end loud: “Eh Ee Goh Woh Hah Nah Shee mass Kah?

You have the right to learn exactly how to speak do girlfriend speak english? and over 220 various other travel-friendly words and also phrases v our inexpensive, easy-to-use Japanese language cheat sheets. We can aid you do your following trip to an additional country even much more fun and also immersive. Click below!

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Some much more helpful words in ours Japanese Courtesy/Questions category:

...the toilet – Toire (Toh Ee Reh)come through me – Issho Ni dragon Kudasai (Issho Nee Kee Teh Koo Dah Sai)do you speak english? – Eigo Wo Hanashi Masuka? (Eh Ee Goh Woh Hah Nah Shee massive Kah?)excellent – Subarashii (Soo Bah Rah Shee)excuse me – Sumimasen (Soo Mee Mah Senn)good / negative – Ii / Warui (Ee /Wah Roo Ee)how execute you say…? – …Ha Dou Iimasuka? (…Wah Dough Ee mass Kah?)how lot is this? – Ikura Desuka? (Ee Coo Rah Dess Kah?)may I? (point at chair, door) – Ii Desuka? (Ee Dess Kah?)maybe – Tabunn (Tah Bunn)no problem – Mondai Arimasenn (Mohn Dai Ah Ree Mah Senn)please – Onegai Shimasu (Oh neh Gai Shee Mass)sorry – Gomennasai (Goh men Nah Sai)thank you – Arigato Gozaimasu (Ah Ree Gah Tow Goh Zai Mass)thanks – Arigato (Ah Ree Gah Tow)what is that? – are Ha Nandesuka? (Ah Reh Wah Nahnn Dess Kah?)where is… – …Ha Doko Desuka? (…Wah Docco Dess Kah?)yes / no – Hai / Iie (Hai / Ee-Eh)you are welcome – Douitashimashite (Dough Ee Tah Shee Mah Shee Teh)

And here’s exactly how to say perform you speak english? in various other languages!

Arabic–Hal Tatakalam Al Englezya? (hal ta ta ka lam al eng le zya)Chinese–Nǐ Huì Shuō Yīngwén Ma (Nee Hway Shwo Ing Wen Ma)Croatian–govorite li engleski? (go vuh ree tee lee engleskee)Czech–Mluvíte anglicky? (mloo vee tay AHN glits kee?)Finnish–puhutko englantia? (poh whot koh engl un tia)French–Parlez-vous anglais? (pah put voo ahn glay)German–sprechen sie english? (shpreh kin check out english?)Italian–parla inglese? (Par lah in gley say)Japanese–Eigo Wo Hanashi Masuka? (Eh Ee Goh Woh Hah Nah Shee fixed Kah?)Korean–Yeongeo Hal Jul Aseyo? (Young Uh Hal Jool Ah Se Yo?)Polish–Czy mówisz po angielsku? (chee moo veesh" po one gyel" skoo?)Portuguese–Fala Inglês? (Fah lah een gles?)Russian–Vy govorite po angliyski? (Vy gah vah ree tye poh ahn gleey skee?)Spanish–¿habla inglés? (ah lol een glāce?)Swahili–Kiingereza? (kin geh reh zah)Thai–Phut Phasa Angkrit Dai roof (POOT pah sah ahng greet DAI mai?)Turkish–İngilizce konuşmak? (een guh liz ya ko nush muk?)Vietnamese–Bạn Có Nói Tiếng Anh Không? (Ban Caw Noi Tien Anh Khom?)

""do you speak english?" (Eigo Wo Hanashi Masuka?)? " is a polite phrase that help you to identify the civilization who speak English, it"s daunting to communicate with civilization who don"t understand you, so discover this polite phrase and use that on your following trip. Get instant access to the Japanese Language Set.

Biography: Kanako Tokuno is a marketing adviser and also translator living in new York City. Kanako graduated v BAs in international Relations native both Ritsumeikan University and American college in 2008 v a double Degree program. After suffering sales and also marketing work in the electronics and cosmetics sectors in Japan, Kanako moved to brand-new York City, whereby she is currently involved in multiple projects as a freelancer.
Born: Japan
Location: brand-new York, NY, USA

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