Get ready to execute the rabbit hop v these funny Easter videos! Perfect for engaging your Kinders this spring. Get the complete list of teacher-approved Easter videos and additional resources below.


It’s Easter time and a good time to add some bunnies and eggs right into your lessons. And so below are her Teacher approved Easter videos for preschool, kindergarten, and an initial grade.

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B-U-N-N-Y Easter tune by Kiboomers (2:45)

Learn come spell words bunny making use of the BINGO tune.

Easter boom Chicka boom from The learning Station (3:48)

You recognize the tune and also your students will certainly love doing the fun Easter movements!


Did you know that a yellow and blue Peep makes green what? and do you understand if a Peep sinks or flats? We have TONS of Peeps activities that room super funny if you have the right to keep these yummy treats about long enough for science! Click below to watch a video clip of castle in action and click here to check them out on TpT now!

Easter Bunny dance & frozen (2:44)

You will certainly dance and also then frozen in funny Easter-themed ways! youngsters will love this one.

Bunny Hops by Kiboomers (1:48)

You students will certainly love law the motions together with the bunny.


We likewise have many fun mini eraser activities for you. Ours Easter rabbit Letters and also Words (click here) collection will have youngsters building and counting and our hare Activity collection (click here) will have your college student doing all sorts of literacy and math activities.

The Bunny goes Hop by take care of Kindergarten (2:02)

This is a fun song to learn around patterns all with a fun Easter theme.

Little bunny Foo Foo by Kidboomers (1:55)

The classic song with numerous nonfiction image of rabbits.


Easter Snap Cubes space also an excellent for morning bins, STEM, centers, and so lot more! students will create the objects and also count/record how countless blocks it take it to develop it. Click here to examine it out.

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The hare Boogie by Jack Hartman (2:53)

Your students will certainly love law the rabbit Boogie. The layout of the track is about finding eggs in the yard, so they will love it!

The hare Hokey Pokey by Kiboomers (2:04)

Let’s ~ do so we room bunnies and do the hokey pokey!

Five little Bunnies through Kiboomers (2:01)

A fun tiny addition tune with a cute tune!

Ten Bunnies Counting song by Kiboomers (2:20)

Another cute, catchy tune! Students will certainly love running, hopping, and skipping (in place for mine sanity LOL).


So much fun to it is in had! did you choose up your free Easter Bunny hat yet? Click here to find out how to acquire it!