milton"s epic poem paradise lost expresses worths of seventeen-century christian england in the it shows a prevalent belief in what?

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what is the main clause in the complying with lines indigenous paradise lost? "and chiefly she o Spirit, that dost prefer / before all holy places the upright heart and pure, / instruct me, because that thou know"st ...

the present "with loss of eden", til one greater man / gain back us, and regain the blissful seat" from paradise lost point to what?

what message does milton convey by combining hebrew and also classical (greek and roman) facets in sky lost?

in milton"s sonnet xix, the word light in the heat "when i consider how my irradiate is spent" refers to the poet"s __________?
what is the key clause in adhering to lines from paradise lost? "fallen cherub, to it is in weak is miserable, / doing or suffering ...
when you encounter complex sentences, you rest them under to uncover the main clause, which suggests what?

the speak acknowledges the he has actually aged physically v the passage of time; however, that does no feel the he matured intellectually or emotionally in a comparable manner
the speak in sonnet vii describes time together a "subtle thief of youth" (line 1). Why go he describe time in this way?
time has actually stolen ~ above the speaker and has taken far his youth—he is currently in the "late spring" the his life (line 4). He has actually no regulate over the i of time, and, consequently, no control over the aging process.
in the last 6 lines that sonnet vii, the speaker presents a equipment to the trouble he presented previously in the poem. What is it?

the speaker in sonnet xix contemplates the lose of his eyesight (lines 1-6). Just how is this loss of eyesight represented?
the speaker describes the ns of his eyesight as soon as he tells of exactly how his "light is spent" before half his job on earth have pass (lines 1-2). He additionally states that he is life in a dark human being (line 2), which implies that that is blind.
in heaven lost, how does the account that the devil"s autumn from sky reflect the layout of good versus evil?
this section of paradise shed is told indigenous satan"s perspective. By his very own admission, satan (who to represent evil) is beat by God (who to represent good) (lines 249-250) and has fallen native "the happy worlds of light" (line 85), or heaven. The adversary expresses his intentions come wreak destruction in opposition come God"s initiatives to develop goodness at various points in the city (lines 162-165, for example).
in paradise lost, satan shows on his defeat by God. What conflict feelings walk satan have around this defeat?
although satan is tormented by defeat (lines 55-56), that composes self (lines 246-250) and resigns himself to producing his own kingdom in hell (line 264).
Hamlet come Ophelia (Polonius and Claudius space present also hiding, and also hamlet knows this, therefore why he speaks so harshly come her)
The mr proposes a game to to fill the three days before Sir Gawain must ride out. Through the regards to this video game Sir Gawain and also the mr of the lock will:
What is her opinion that the relationship between Barbara Allan and Sir man Graeme? Think about his request to view her, the reason for his illness, she statement "I’II die for that tomorrow" (line 36)

Complete the sentence v the correct loved one pronoun that or whom. My uncle, because that _____ I have actually the highest regard, requirements my help.
Summarize just how Anaya feels around his friend"s decision regarding his applications because that fellowships. Does the blame his friends because that this decision? support your answer with textual evidence.

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