While over there is much more than enough to do in Myrtle beach to store a visitor liven for weeks in ~ a time it is likewise in a prime location for an easy day trip to Charleston, S.C., or Wilmington, N.C.

From downtown Myrtle beach to Charleston the is just a little under 100 miles and will take around 2 hours, depending upon traffic and the route taken. Once there you can enjoy the beautiful historic downtown atmosphere with tons of shops and restaurants along with views the the s from the Charleston Battery. Over there are additionally many beautiful historic houses in that same area, and also a little park. Over there are additionally regular festivals and events going on around downtown the make for a good reason to take it a work trip.

From downtown Myrtle beach to Wilmington that is around 75 miles and also will take around an hour and a half, depending upon traffic and also the route taken. Wilmington has actually a quiant riverfront downtown with many shops and also restaurants come enjoy, as well as some historical landmarks choose the U.S.S. Phibìc Carolina,a battleship the you can tour and also explore. The downtown Wilmington area is a an excellent place to spend a day strolling, window-shop

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Myrtle beach Packing list For your Vacation

when planning a expedition to Myrtle beach for your vacation, you will desire to make sure you bring all the essentials and also other useful items that will certainly make your vacation easier and also even an ext fun. Inspect out our said packing list. Read much more About Myrtle beach Packing perform For her Vacation

FAQ: How have the right to I get to Myrtle Beach?

because Myrtle coast has advanced over the year from a sleepy beach city to a significant tourist destination, it’s gotten less complicated to both get to the area and to get approximately once you here. Read an ext About FAQ: How deserve to I acquire to Myrtle Beach?

FAQ: What is the Weather prefer in Myrtle beach in the Winter?

In a word: Mild. Read an ext About FAQ: What is the Weather like in Myrtle coast in the Winter?

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