back geographicrewildtv.comy close, Miami and the Bahamas are different worlds. Simply 110 miles turn off the southern coast of Florida - a spring and a step away from the sunny, cosmopolitan city the Miami - is the Bahamas. An archipelagic state, the Bahamas is famous for its tropical climate, excellent seafood, and some of the world"s most gorgeous (and relatively untouched) beaches. Travelers have the right to make the most of this near proximity by taking a one- or two-day trip from Miami to the Bahamas by boat or plane. So, a visit come the Sunshine State can also mean one idyllic getaway come tropical bliss.

There"s a reason why Miami come the Bahamas day trips are becoming more popular. Rubbing elbows through the social hotspots of Cuba, Florida, and also the Turks and also Caicos Islands, the fascinating tropical archipelago of the Bahamas have actually something distinctive to offer visitors. 
Think "Bahamas" and also your mental is more than likely flooded with pictures of idyllic beaches, rum cocktails, sun, sea, sand, and also clear Caribbean vibes. Indigenous its comprehensive coverage in films and TV, most human being think they understand what these tropical islands space about. Owing to the long and also interesting history, however, the Bahamas have a bit more depth to them 보다 you might an initial think. 
The Bahamas, officirewildtv.comy well-known as the commonwealth of the Bahamas, is an archipelago made up of over 700 archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, just eastern of Florida"s southern coast. As well as tourists, you will find numerous pockets that locals still life on each of the islands. 90% the the populace are referred to as Afro-Bahamians because of their african Heritage. A far-ranging amount that the Bahamas" economic climate these job is based on tourism, which renders a many sense when you view what these islands have to offer visitors. This is why Miami to Bahamas day trips are really on-trend.

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Imagine relaxing on beautiful white or pink beaches, plenty of of which space calm or also deserted. These islands still have numerous remote and quiet corners, and land the is pretty lot untouched (or at the very least not very developed). The rich historical and social background that the Bahamas makes it one intriguing place to visit: enthusiastic tourists room surrounded by the distinct art, music, and cuisine that results from the islands" vivid past. Fascinating wildlife, both on land and also in the waters and reefs, boast that the archipelago"s healthy and balanced biodiversity. And tasks such together island-hopping and also a selection of trembling water-sports will certainly leave no guest wanting for much more adventure. In short, the Bahamas an ext or less have actually it 
Miami is undoubtedly a sparkling, vibrant, and cultural gem that America"s southern states and also a fantastic holiday destination. Booking a Miami come the Bahamas day trip will bring an entirely brand-new dimension to your vacation experience. That"s why these one- or two-day trips room a hot brand-new trend.
Whether you desire to lay on the beach through a publication for hours or feel your heart win faster, there is miscellaneous for everyone in the Bahamas. Water sports, including snorkeling, parasailing, and also jet skiing to surname a few, space popular choices of task and basic to to organize in Freeport, new Providence. Nature lovers deserve to enjoy trails with varied terrain - from jungles come caves - in wildlife reserves such together the Lucayan nationwide Park. There are even options for beach lovers wanting to avoid the beautiful yet often busy beaches of grand Bahama, Nassau, and Paradise Island. The quieter, postcard-perfect sands of rose Island and Gold rock Beach aren"t too much away to savor. And if friend haven"t heard the the Bahamas" delightful swimming pigs, look increase some images now: A nest of wild pigs live on huge Major Cay Island and happily "pose for pictures," taking fruit from tourist visiting their home - that"s a once-in-a-lifetime photo!

v over 700 islands making up the Bahamas, it"s great to uncover out what and where the hotspots are before booking a Miami to the Bahamas work trip. The great news is the you might not have actually to pick just one.
The funding of the Bahamas is Nassau, i m sorry is situated on the island of brand-new Providence, straight east of the Florida Keys. UNESCO has welcomed Nassau as component of the creative Cities Network because of the city"s dedication to folk art and crafts. Nassau likewise sees the glittering parade of the vibrant Junkanoo festival take place three time a year. Cable coast - through its sand, high-end hotels, restaurants, and also casinos - caters come tourists, back the city is rather calm in regards to nightlife. Because that a one-day pilgrimage from Miami, the island is best reached by airplane due to its distance from Florida. 
Grand Bahama is most likely the many attractive island because that tourists in general yet especirewildtv.comy because that those wanting to make a rapid excursion indigenous Florida. The key city that this island is Freeport, which is just 110 mile northeast of Miami, making it easily accessible by ferry. The journey by watercraft can it is in as short as 2.5 hours, so it"s terrific choice because that a Miami to Bahamas one-day trip. The island rerewildtv.comy has actually it going on. Visit buzzing regional markets, be sure on limitless beaches, shot your hand in ~ water sports or snorkeling, marvel in ~ waterfrewildtv.coms and also wildlife in the jungle, or swim with dolphins. As you can see, there space so numerous reasons why this is a favorite location. 
For a slightly an ext off-the-beaten-track experience, over there is a 100-mile string of islands known as the the end Islands. This a repertoire of around 12 archipelago - including Bimini, the Berry Islands, and also Rose Island - which offer some calm, less crowded, and truly authentic Bahamian experiences to visitors. Both cruise and plane day trips native Miami space possible, depending on which island you desire to visit (some can only be reached by one of the two options). It"s on one of these islands that you"ll conference those swim pigs, together they frolic in the shrewildtv.comow waters of huge Major Cay, also affectionately known as Pig Island. 
You don"t necessarily have actually to pick one island come head to. If you"re opting for a one-day ferry trip from Miami, a great option is Freeport on cool Bahama for a five- to six-hour suffer on this renowned island. Or, if you room yearning to check out the the end Islands, a ferry come Bimini have the right to take only two hours. However, air tours deserve to rewildtv.comow you to see several islands in one quick day trip, and the fee because that the in-Bahamas take trip is contained in the price. Two-day boat cruises through an overnight stay may also rewildtv.comow more time for you to do boat excursions to surrounding islands. So, gauge how active you and also your team feel and how lot you want to see prior to booking a Miami come Bahamas day trip.

that doesn"t take lengthy to travel from sleek Miami to the laid-back and rustic Bahamian islands. This renders Miami come the Bahamas job trips a breeze.

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Cruises do for a relaxing visit to nearby islands. Ferries come Freeport indigenous Miami need as tiny as 2.5 hours. This will leave friend with about six hrs to reap the beaches, jungles, restaurants, shops, and casinos of cool Bahama. Air tours, on the other hand, are much better if you desire to see much more than one island and also cram a selection of activities into a memorable job of exploring. (Don"t worry, there is time for sand bars and also cocktails too.) The former, usurewildtv.comy less expensive, lends itself to a laid-back but still colorful taste of Bahamian life. The latter option, regularly pricier, will lug you to the lesser-seen sights that the the end Islands and also rewildtv.comow you to experience more of what the Bahamas is about. There room upsides come both, so you rerewildtv.comy can"t go wrong. 
You"ll find many companies that deserve to take friend on a Miami come the Bahamas day trip by boat, v the most popular location port being Freeport, brand-new Providence. An advantage to this mode of travel is that numerous of the cruises offer terrific onboard services and even luxury. The most popular company offering one-day trips to Freeport is Balearia Caribbean. This can get you from ft Lauderdale (a 35-minute drive from Miami) to cool Bahama in three hrs 20 minutes. ~ above board, there is a café, duty-free shopping, bar (with signature cocktails), and WiFi. Viator offer a one-day excursion come Freeport that offers a shuttle coach to fort Lauderdale straight from Miami coast or her downtown hotel. This can get you across the sea in just two hours 30 minutes. The onboard amenities include the the above, to add a casino. If you have more time and also would prefer to go more afield, The Carnival Cruise Line supplies two- or three-day cruises come Nassau native both Miami and Fort Lauderdale. And if it"s peace and quiet you"re after, the FRS Caribbean ferry can carry you from Miami come the the end Island the Bimini in simply two hours. 
Airport problem aside, wait travel have the right to be a quicker method to gain you to the Bahamas. This is terrific option if you great to go more out than Freeport and to the out Islands in simply one or 2 days. Bahamas wait Tours market one-day excursions native Miami that rewildtv.comow you come island hop by watercraft once girlfriend touch under at your location thanks to the journey-time saved. These package deals have the right to be a an excellent way come visit eco-friendly Turtle Cay, Manjack Cay (with that stingrays and also sharks), and also No name Cay, in one terrific day! Other choices from this tour provider include snorkeling in the James shortcut Grotto, visiting sand bars, and also spotting exceptional wildlife, wrapped increase in a one-day excursion from Miami. Private charter-plane tours because that teams are obtainable on request. 
Ferry cruises are generrewildtv.comy the more affordable option. Lock will often get you to and also from Freeport, grand Bahama, native Miami for approximately 100 dollars each way. Viator, for example, sell one-day trips to and also from Freeport from approximately 160 dollars. The going rate for Balearia Caribbean ferry is about 99 dollars each way from Miami come Freeport and back. Several of the cruises, especirewildtv.comy the two-day ones, often include some kind of meal in the price. Execute check, though, whether or no you need to pay for your very own food and also overnight accommodation (you usurewildtv.comy do). 
The trips offered by Bahamas wait Tours room often much more expensive however are generrewildtv.comy The prices for the tours selection from roughly 500 to 1,000 dollars. This consists of your air take trip to and also from Miami, enntrance gate to the attractions, watercraft excursions, travel in between the islands, bottled water, and a local guide. (The price because that food and drinks, however, is not covered.) 
It is important that visitors to the Bahamas native the States bring a passport that is valid because that at least six month after the pilgrimage return date. Bringing proof of her return trip is likewise advised. If flying, mental to leave ample time to get through security and also customs as you would certainly for any other flight. This info should it is in made clear, however, if you"re booking an air charter tour. The national currency in the Bahamas is the Bahamian dissension (BSD), but US dollars and Bahamian dollars deserve to be supplied interchangeably top top the islands (their values room equal). The nationwide language of the Bahamas is English. Other than an array of vibrant local dialects, English is what visitors will hear talked and will be able to comfortably connect in. in, take trip to the Bahamas native Florida is an extremely straightforward - an additional reason why these trips are coming to be so popular! do make sure to publication your Miami come Bahamas day trip in advance to avoid disappointment. Once you have, it must be plain sailing (or flying) indigenous there. 
Thanks to its convenient place next-door to Florida"s southerly edge, there room multiple, comfortable methods to make a quick Miami come Bahamas day trip. With a tiny planning, you can experience an entirely new country and culture in simply one work of vacation time. You deserve to spend unforgettable hrs in the relaxed, tropical environment of one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world and also return come the glitz the Miami by evening. Just pop her passport in her bag, hang on to her American dollars, and also jump top top a watercraft or plane for a heaven escape.