In the 2016 movie "Captain America: polite War", Cap"s effort to discover Bucky in Bucharest is interrupted by black color Panther, who wants to death Bucky because that his noticeable involvement with

the fatality of King T"Chaka, T"Challa"s father.

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As Bucky operation from both Panther and the police, v Captain America in nearby pursuit, they go into a highway tunnel and also run conveniently past moving vehicles in the tunnel. They appear to be to run much much faster than the human norm, and after a few seconds that that, cap commandeers an SUV to continue pursuing Bucky & Panther.

I recognize nothing around the traffic legislations in Bucharest, however how quick are these personalities moving if they"re may be to pass up vehicles speeding with the tunnel?

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So... Do you want mph, kph, mps, or parsecs?
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Somewhat end 62.5 mph yet likely under 72.8 mphA bit of assumption going top top but...

When Captain America went for a serene run around Washington DC in Captain America: The Winter Soldier Sam remarks that he "ran 13 miles in 30 minutes" that equates to a 26 mile an hour peaceful running speed.

As he to be sprinting in Civil battle we recognize that he was moving much faster than this.

Usain Bolt has actually hit 27.8mph throughout sprinting in the 100m. Together Cap is the peak a person can obtain it is only fair we compare his height sprinting rate to the current peak sprinter.

The human being record because that a male London marathon runner (Wilson Kipsang) is 12.85 mph (26.219 / 2.04). This is 2.16 times slower than Usain Bolt"s max speed.

The average men"s speed was 6.47 mph (26.129 / 4.04) this is 4.29 time slower 보다 Usain Bolt"s max speed.

While cap was running roughly DC the didn"t seem to it is in exerting himself too much, so probably not WR tantamount effort, the was likewise probably exerting himself more than the mean marathon runner (he was showboating a little). So allows take the mean of the 2 12.85 + 6.47 / 2 = 9.66 mph and assume Cap"s relaxed running rate is the identical of this, or 2.8 time slower than Bolt"s max.

If the gap between his peaceful running speed and him sprinting is the very same 2.8 times space as Usain Bolt"s max speed as soon as sprinting climate he can hit around 72.8 mph on full gas (26 * 2.8).

If we work this out for the upper and also lower marathon paces stated above:

If lid was running around DC at WR marathon pace and also had the same2.16 space then he deserve to sprint at roughly 56.16 mph If lid was running at median marathon pace and had the very same 4.29 gapthen he deserve to sprint roughly 111.54 mph

In Romania many roads have a rate limit that 100 kmh or 62.5 mph, motorways have 130 kmh or 81 mph and also rural roads have actually 90 kmh or 56.25 mph.

Romania only has 2 motorways both heading out of Bucharest (and not completed) and also the road in the tunnel doesn"t look choose a rural roadway so it"s most likely just a common road. (cant gain the yes, really Romanian speed limit the this roadway as it"s filmed in Berlin in the Messedamm Underpass).

If the cars were going at the rate limit because that a normal roadway then we can assume that Cap, Buck and T"Challa were every travelling somewhat quicker than 62.5 mph, which would be realistic v the presume 72.8 mph.

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They would not be able to outrun the cars if castle were running at the lower limit of 56.16 mph and they would certainly be travelling much much quicker than the cars if it was at the 111.54 mph top limit.