This incredibly cheap develop is one of the most beneficial you have the right to make, together it totally kills the have to worry around farming for food in Minecraft.

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Minecraft cooking Chicken farm Screenshot Minecraft cooked Chicken farm yard
The need to constantly often tend to your crops and also animals in Minecraft is among the much more tedious components of the game, requiring you to regularly step far from her other tasks to harvest, plant, breed, and slaughter in order to not starve come death. Wouldn"t it it is in so nice to be able to stave off starvation without the should constantly continue to be on top of your farming and also animals? Well, girlfriend can, and also it is in fact very simple.

This fully automated chicken farm will certainly constantly it is provided you v pre-cooked chicken, meaning you will not have to worry around using up her fuel supply, nor will certainly you need to worry about breeding or slaughtering. This maker does it every on its own. It functions by acquisition the egg that chickens lay and also firing them the end of a dispenser. Once the egg lands, it has actually a chance of spawning a infant chicken, which will patiently sit underneath a suspended lava source. After 20 minutes, that will thrive up to be an adult chicken and will be tall enough to reach the lava, death it immediately. It will certainly drop cook chicken as result of its fiery death, which will certainly be accumulated into a chest. Without additional ado, here"s a considerable guide on exactly how to do an automatic chicken farm in Minecraft.

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Updated top top June 4th, 2021 by Anastasia Maillot: This very basic automatic chicken farm yard in Minecraft is still an excellent due to its cheap cost and how lot food it deserve to churn out in the lengthy run. Chickens are probably the best animal to breed for food due to the fact that the whole process can it is in automated thanks to eggs, dispensers, and also hoppers.

With this update, however, an included fire safety facet was extended to avoid any kind of unfortunate crashes you might face after structure this automatic chicken farm (one involving burned chickens and also a burning fence post). Some an ext detailed images of the process were included to do the structure of the farm also easier.

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products Needed for An automatically Chicken Farm

Minecraft do Items because that Cooked Chicken Farm
One chest One dispenser One non-wooden slab two hoppers 10 glass block One bucket that lava One item of redstone dust One redstone comparator Three structure blocks One fence post most importantly, some chickens

to begin, ar your chest where you"d choose your collection point to be and attach a hopper to the earlier of it. To execute this, crouch, and also face the ago of the chest. To know if your hopper is attached to the chest, check the funnel under it.

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ar a slab on peak of the hopper. This slab is what the chickens will certainly be dice on, and also because it is only a half-block, items that sit on top of it deserve to be accumulated through the block.

ar two glass blocks on peak of the chest, the dispenser behind the slab, encountering into it, climate a hopper on top of the dispenser. Don"t stroked nerves placing the glass come the political parties of the slab just yet.

The hopper is where the chickens will certainly be standing, so box it in through some glass so they aren"t may be to run away. Place some an ext glass roughly where the lava will be (directly in former of the hopper), then location lava by right-clicking top top the top of the slab with the bucket.

How To cable Redstone because that The automatically Chicken Farm

Behind the hopper and dispenser, collection up the redstone contraption presented above, through the redstone comparator"s arrow facing far from the lava, and also the two redstone torches on it beside the bottom the the hopper. One block under it and also to the side, location the redstone dust. Make certain to location your structure blocks of choice exactly exactly how the white quartz blocks space placed, too.

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once an egg beginning the hopper, it will certainly output a signal the will automatically power the dispenser below. Every egg the enters the hopper will certainly fire the egg that last entered the hopper, thus there will always be one in the chamber. This is the "automatic" component of your automatic cook chicken farm.

How To tempt Chickens Into The automatic Chicken Farm

now for the hard part: luring part chickens up into the hole. You may want to ar some slabs on optimal of the glass blocks in order to make the feet deeper for this reason that as soon as the chickens loss in, they can"t escape. Alternatively, you deserve to place the fence short article early and also then throw eggs into the hole until you obtain at least two chickens, then breed them.

Regardless, once you have actually chickens in the hole, block turn off the height of it v a fence post. This will certainly leave a space open to allow you to breed the chickens with seeds. The much more chickens in the hole, the more cooked chicken you will certainly accumulate.

How come Make her Automatic Chicken farm Fireproof

depending upon the difficulty of her game, you might want to take into consideration blocking turn off the peak with 4 slabs favor this to protect against the chicken from flying out. Friend can even place a block on height of the feet to yes, really make certain nothing walk in or out, however it still gives you a little bit of leeway come breed any kind of of the chickens already in the hole.

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The factor to do this is to stop the wooden fence article from recording fire with the transparent glass blocks, which sometimes happens. Experiment and see what method works for you, but constantly keep fire safety in mind.

Whenever one egg is fired, there is a random possibility that baby chickens will generate on the slab. Since there is nowhere for them to run, they will certainly stand perfect still in the facility of the slab. Twenty minutes later, lock will grow into an adult and also get cooking by the lava above them. To finish the build, place the 2 glass blocks to the sides of the slab to protect against baby chicken from running away.

since the chickens are dying by fire, they will drop already-cooked chicken because that you. This automatic cooked chicken farm will average one cooked chicken per hour, every chicken. If you have 20 chicken laying egg up top, girlfriend will mean 20 cook chicken per hour, because that example.

This extremely cheap automatic chicken farm is just one of the most advantageous you can make, as it fully kills the must worry about farming for food — one absolute essential for any survival world.


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