Near Shaved, Short, Medium and also Long – The 4 hair size categories

To do the many of her hair, friend must understand it come a T; that’s why knowing your hair length and also specifically her hair length group is important. When it involves putting her hair into a category, the “extended length” (length measured as soon as the hair is extended and flattened, indigenous the scalp come the tip) is the one that matters.

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The prolonged length of your hair will fall under a range of lengths and also there room 4 arrays of lengths, with these varieties being known as “extended size categories”. The lengths that fall under every extended length category share similar approaches come hair grooming and also hair care, i m sorry is why once you work out your prolonged length, the is simpler to simply remember your extended length group rather 보다 your specific extended length. Furthermore, since your hair grows an average of 0.5 inches of expanded length per month, then remembering your prolonged length alone is futile as this details length is continuous changing; ergo, discovering your expanded length classification is much much more useful for her hair grooming and also hair treatment efforts.


You can use a measuring ice or a leader to measure up the prolonged length of her hair

Please keep in mind that from below onwards, ns will describe “extended length” as “length” without discussing the “extended” bit. As I have actually yet come cover the other form of length easily accessible to males in this site, I fairly you save in your mind the truth that expanded length is what civilization normally refer to the size of your hair. In mine bestselling books, The Curly Hair Book and The Men’s Hair Book, i dedicate big sections come describing the various lengths and also length categories, and, even then, I keep in mind that expanded length have the right to be provided as “length” alone so as to keep things an easy and confusion free.

Alright, now that we have actually the over clear and you are mindful of what “extended length” really is, let’s continue.

There room 4 length categories that us men have the right to put our hair into: near-shaved, short, medium and also long. Each category encompasses a variety of hair lengths; you have the right to move up in group by letting your hair grow for a sufficient amount that time and you deserve to move under in classification by cutting your hair. These space the actual hair-length ranges for each of the length categories:

Near-shaved: up to 0.125 inchesShort: native 0.125 inches come 2 inchesMedium: from 2 inches come 6 inchesLong: end 6 inches

Near-shaved length category

A near-shaved length walk from fresh shaved up to 0.125 inches, i beg your pardon is a #1 in safety length. This size is the many convenient of all lengths to sport as no styling of the hair or spring after it is needed and also you can also give yourself this size by trimming your hair v a hair clipper.

The near-shaved length is most useful for balding men, especially those who hair is in ~ a Norwood IV and above. The Burr Cut is a haircut that has the whole of the scalp clipped in ~ a #1 security length.


Some advantageous men’s hair assets for near-shaved size hair include:

Short length category

The short size category spans from 0.125 inches to 2 inches of length. The hair lengths fallout’s under the variety of the short size category are obviously not as convenient as the lengths the the near-shaved category, however a short length no issue the hair form is still practically for a male to sport.

Hair have the right to be styled as shortly as it reaches the 0.5-inch size mark, which way that short hair have the right to usually it is in styled while in ~ the very same time offering lot convenience. since the characteristics of “ability to format the hair” and also “high convenience” are not therefore optimally balanced in the longer size categories (i.e. medium and also long), the short size category is a category that is preferred by many males to have their at. Many haircuts and hairstyles loss under the short length category and, together with the haircuts and hairstyles accessible in the medium size category, both these 2 length categories administer the mass of a male’s hairstyle repertoire.


Some advantageous men’s hair commodities for short hair include:

Medium size category

The medium size category goes native 2 inches to 6 inches. This certain length classification allows for more elaborate styling that the hair in ~ the cost of convenience. However, the medium length category still supplies convenience, particularly when contrasted to the long size category.

Straight hair will certainly hang under (entirely) in ~ the lengths encompassing the upper variety of the medium length category (i.e. 4-6 inches) when wavy hair will certainly have begun to hang under at these exact same medium lengths. Coiled and also kinky hair will certainly still defy gravity no issue which medium length.


Some advantageous men’s hair products for medium length hair include:

Long length category

The long length category goes from 6 inches of length and also beyond. In this size category, the initiatives needed to look after and groom the hair thrive in intensity for every inch the hair grows much longer by. In various other words, the much longer your hair is once you surpass the 6-inch length barrier, the more your hair-management initiatives will be. Thus, long hair is worn by just a tiny percentage of the masculine population.

With the long length category, the actual lengths often tend to be described not through numbers yet with regions of the body. Because that example, hair the reaches the shoulders will be defined as shoulder length fairly than being described as, say, 12 inches long.

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Some valuable men’s hair commodities for long hair include:

The 4 Hair length Categories – Conclusion

Well, that’s it; the over are the 4 size categories easily accessible to men. Ns encourage you to get the measuring tape or ruler out and also measure the extended length (and thus “length”) of her hair; then, put your length into its indistinguishable category and also you will certainly have, right there, an essential piece of your hair grooming foundation that you have the right to then relate to the learning of her hair!

All the best.

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