So you have actually finaly made decision to search for the Fallen series in order, that way you are all set to fulfill Lucinda Price, or Luce if you prefer. This is a collection by Lauren Kate the you will love if you space up for some romance, with this list through the Fallen book series order you will be able to embark on this brand-new journey.

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Fallen series in order

Fallen book series order
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Reading order:

Fallen (2009)
Torment (2010)
Passion (2011)
Fallen in Love (2012)
Rapture (2012)
Unforgiven (2015)

What is fallen by Lauren Kate about?

This collection centers top top Luce, she life transforms when a boy who she kisses throughout a summer camp gets killed, and therefore she is accused that murder. She end up being sent to Sword and Cross reform School, where she will fulfill Daniel, to whom she feel inmediately attracted.

Luce will finish up learning the true objective of her school, plenty of of the students room in truth Fallen Angels. This is how a dark romance will begin, the fact will it is in revealed: Luce and Daniel have actually met before, number of times, castle have always fallen in love, and in the end Luce has constantly died.

A Young Adult mythological romance that will be enjoyable for fans the the Twilight series, some fans have actually in fact said the this is indeed a similar story to the among Bella and Edward Cullen but with angels instead of vampires.

The movie adaptation

The first book that the Fallen series has had a movie adaptation, which was released in 2016.It was directed through Scott Hicks and also starred Addison Timlin and also Jeremy Irvine as Luce and also Daniel respectively.

The movie had actually a $40 million budget and also grossed $41 million, thus it proper recouped its production cost.As the box office might already hint, the crucial reception was far from gift good, having a 3.2 score the end of 10 on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Hope that this post around lauren kate’s Fallen series was valuable for you. If you are up for an ext fantasy, paranormal and also vampires climate take a look in ~ the Vampire Diaries publications in order.

Before friend leave, if you have started reading this series tell us what is the thing that provides you love this series, is it together you supposed or is that different yet still you gain it? also, if you have watched the movie adaptation share your opinion through us therefore we can start a nice controversy on the comment section. Therefore yes, don’t leaving without leaving a comment!