One the the objectives for commercial trucking work is to maximize loads, and profits. One of the challenges for states and also provinces is to defend the highway infrastructure and driving public native damaging weights and also increased risks of over-loaded trucks. Every states and provinces have laws to control and limit the weights that vehicles, however the difficulty is enforcing these laws. The is challenging to just look at a truck and know if that is overloaded or not. Regulation enforcement personnel should rely top top scales, either at truck weigh and inspections station or portable scales, to enforce weight limits. The only real leverage state governments have to accomplish compliance with weight restrictions are fines high sufficient cancel the extra profits derived by operating over-loaded trucks.

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The Law

Laws, mode of enforcement, and penalties differ significantly from state come state, however one reality is consistent, also in claims where fines room not together high, any kind of fine for an overweight condition is going it is in substantial.

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Misdemeanor: Typically, a crime of low seriousness, not a felony. In the h4ed States, misdemeanors are frequently crimes v a maximum punishment of 12 months of incarceration in a neighborhood jail. Civilization convicted the misdemeanors are frequently punished with fines, probation, neighborhood service, and/or short jail sentence or part-time incarceration, i.e., top top weekends.

In many states, operation an overloaded van is categorized as a misdemeanor. Number of states, consisting of Massachusetts and brand-new York, carry out not classify violations of overweight operations as a criminal offense. They do, however, i have loaded hefty civil fines.


The cost of a Fine

A rapid scan the the “Fines” tables shows the lot of fines for different weights more than the legitimate gross weight of the vehicle. For example, the table because that California mirrors that if the actual weight is as much as 1,000 pounds end the maximum legit gross weight, there will certainly be a fine of $20. In fact, that $20-dollar ticket will certainly probably price closer to $175.00 after the state adds every the assorted “penalty assessments” (PAs) and also “court costs.” If the pack happens come be in between 4,000 and also 5,000 pounds over gross weight, the well is noted as $175, however after every the PAs and also costs are included it may total $753. (California Uniform Bail and Penalty Schedules, 2012, web page 72)

While no all states include as many expenses as California, practically all states add some level the “court costs” and fees the are most likely to at least dual the price of the fine.

an ext About Fines

Many overweight cases involve two different fines. In addition to the overweight fines explained above, there frequently is one operator fine. This is a fine levied versus the driver and/or the operator (the owner or organization that operates the truck). This fines might be relatively small for a an initial offense, to run from a low of $25 to $150 for the first offense. Second offenses, in the very same year (two year in part states) may be double that the the first offense. Succeeding offenses have tendency to be significantly greater and can encompass jail time, ns of automobile registration for numerous months, or suspension the the operator’s commercial license. Note that “court costs” are also included to these fines.

Overweight Fines

There is no uniform framework or amount for overweight fines. Many states use a sliding scale of fines. Fines for reduced overweight conditions, for example, only 1000, 2000, etc., pounds overweight increase progressively with each increase of 1,000 pounds. Together the excessive weight increases, the loved one amount of the fine also increases. When the fill is established to it is in 10,000 or an ext pounds over the legitimate gross weight, fines boost dramatically, frequently to numerous thousand dollars.

WEIGHT Over border


2,000 lbs or much less


2,001 – 2,500 lbs


2,501 – 3,000 lbs


3,001 – 3,500 lbs


17,501 – 18,000 lbs


18,001 – 18,500 lbs


Note the an overweight punish may apply to either gross load or an overweight problem on one axel/axel group. Fines will certainly be levied top top the better of the two overweight conditions.

These sliding scales are structured in several different ways. Every time the base excess weight increases by 500 or 1000 pounds, the fine likewise increases (Table 1).

Table . Progressively boosting sliding scale of fines for excess weight.

various other states write-up a fine for each load increase, then add a couple of cents per pound in overabundance of that stated for the base weight. The better the basic weight, the an ext the price per each additional pound (Table 2).

WEIGHT end Limit


0 – 1,000 lbs overabundance


1,001 – 1,500 lbs excess


1,501 – 2,000 lbs excess


4,501 – 5,000 lbs overfill


5,001 – 6,000 lbs overabundance

$200,04 + .04 per each lb

6,001 – 7,000 lbs overabundance

$360,08 + .08 every each lb

7,001 – 8,000 lbs excess

$560,08 + .08 per each lb

8,001 – 10,000 lbs overfill

$1200,15 + .15 every each lb

10,001 and over

$2000,20 + .20 per each lb

Table . This state increases the penalty for higher load excesses by imposing a per-pound fine because that each pound in overabundance of the base. Number.

Some states merely use a sliding range of expense per lb for the overabundance weight. As the excess load increases, the much more the fine per lb increases. Keep in mind that once the per-pound rate goes up, the rate applies to the entire excess weight over the permitted gross weight, therefore, the fines become an ext costly (Table 3).

WEIGHT over Limit


1 – 999 lbs

$10.00 minimum

1,000 – 1,999 lbs

1¢ per lb in overfill of legal limit

2,000 – 2,999 lbs

2¢ per pound in excess of legitimate limit

7,000 – 7,999 lbs

7¢ per lb in overfill of legit limit

8,000 – 8,999 lbs

8¢ per pound in excess of legit limit

9,000 – 9,999 lbs

9¢ per pound in overabundance of legal limit

10,000 – 10,999 lbs

10¢ per pound in excess of legitimate limit

11,000 and over

11¢ per pound in overabundance of legitimate limit

Table . This state merely uses a price-per-pound scale. Note that the fine per pound uses to the total of the excess weight, for example, the “10¢ per pound” because that 10,000 pounds of overfill weight will be a good of $1,000.

Note also, the the fines for overweight lots may vary considerably from one state come another, and all states also include court costs and other fees to this fines, so any total good is walk to be more—sometimes lot more—than the an easy fine indicated.

See more: How Many Milliamps In A Amp S (Ma) To Amps (A)? How Many Amps Does 500 Ma Equal Conditions conditions tend to be more obvious than weights, and fines tend to it is in less complicated to determine. For example, in Indiana, one fill will pay a good of $189 (plus court costs). The best penalty for operators of unpermitted loads, particularly loads that exceed height requirements, space fines and also damages from lawsuits that take place after the over-height pack strikes a leg or overpass result in damages and possible injuries and also loss that life. Instances in Texas and an ext recently close to Nashville, Tennessee have resulted in penalties and damages that might possibly placed operators the end of business.

In the occurrence in Tennessee, a truck hauling a heavy planet mover to win an interstate overpass, heavily damaging the structure. The driver got “several misdemeanor” citations because that an over-height and over-width load and also not having the suitable endorsements top top his advertising driver’s license. Repairs call for that several lanes of federal government 40 will need to be shifted roughly the accident site to fix the damaged overpass and also the roadway. Work will take number of months and “hundreds of thousands of dollars” to complete. The final price in fines, court costs, and also damages have not been released. The Tennessee period was quoted as saying lock would go after “every penny” of loss from the trucking firm and its insurance money provider.

Avoid The Fines, Calculate load Regulations and also Prices Instantly with