How plenty of times have you tried to prepare arecipe just to realize the it needs to it is in converted because its in grams and also you only understand the us system. Perhaps the range temperature is detailed incentigrade not Fahrenheit. Carry out you need to include 10 milliliters of vanilla come acake batter? If you"re math-challenged, don"t worry, is hereto assist with a basic understanding!
IngredientQuantity Equivalent
Active dried Yeast1 package1 cake compressed
Apples-Peeled1 large1 cup sliced
Bananas3 small1 cup mashed
Beans, Dried1 cup2 1/2 cup cooked
Bread Crumbs4 slices1 cup dry crumbs
Bread Crumbs1 slice1/2 cup soft crumbs
Brown Sugar1/2 pound1 1/4 cups
Butter1 pound2 cups
Butter1 pound4 sticks
Butter1 stick1/4 pound
Butter1 stick1/2 cup
Cabbage1 pound4 cup shredded
Cheese, American1 lb shredded3 cups
Cheese, Bleu1/4 lb crumbled1 cup
Cheese, Cheddar1 pound3 cups grated
Cheese, Cheddar4 ounces3/4 cup grated
Cheese, Cottage1 pound2 cups
Cheese, Cream1/2 pound8 ounces
Cheese, Cream6 ounces3/4 cup
Cherries1 quart2 cups pitted
Chocolate1 ounce1 square
Chocolate Chips6 ounces1 cup
Corn Flakes3 cups1 cup crushed
Crackers, Soda28 crackers1 cup crumbs
Crackers, Graham14 squares1 cup crumbs
Cranberries1 pound3 cups sauce
Cream1 cup un-whipped2 cup whipped
Dates1 lb whole1 1/2 cups pitted & cut
Eggs5 medium1 cup
Egg Whites8 come 101 cup
Egg Yolks12 to 141 cup
Fat2 cups1 pound
Flour, Sifted4 cups1 pound
Flour, Scooped3 1/3 cups1 pound
Flour, Cake4 1/2 cups1 pound
Flour, whole Wheat3 1/2 cups1 pound
Granulated sugar1/2 pound1 cup
Horseradish1 Tbsp fresh2 Tbsp bottled
Lemon1 medium3 Tbsp juice
Macaroni1/2 pound4 cup cooked
Marshmallows10 miniatures1 large
Mushrooms1 lb fresh6 oz canned
Onions1 medium1/2 cup chopped
Orange1 medium1/3 cup juice
Peanuts5 ounces1 cup
Pecans, chopped4 1/2 ounces1 cup
Pecans, halves3 3/4 ounces1 cup
Rice1 cup uncooked3 1/2 cup cooked
Sugar, Granulated2 cups1 pound
Sugar, Powdered3.5 come 4 cups1 pound
Sugar, Brown2 1/4 cups packed1 pound
Spaghetti7 ounces4 cup cooked
Vanilla Wafers22 wafers1 cup crumbs
Walnuts, chopped4 1/2 ounces1 cup
Walnuts, halves3 1/2 ounces1 cup
Walnuts1 lb unshelled1 1/2 cup shelled

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