To get in or pick up ticket at will Call, girlfriend will an initial need a wristband to indicate that you have actually verified her vaccination condition or proof of a an adverse antigen or PCR COVID-19 test. Make sure you review through our entrance procedure page which includes vaccination & an adverse test check locations and also hours, approved techniques of verification, how to get your wristband, and much more before you get to

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* 2021 Badges space still available. Buy her badges digital or at the door and also meet man Cena or Hayden Christensen, and also experience all there is to see and also do at!

Stand next by side with your favorite celebrities and make a storage that will certainly last a lifetime. How awesome will certainly it be to have actually photographic evidence to prove you to be standing that close come Anakin Skywalker self or a empty photo framework (that is man Cena if you didn’t know)? Pre-purchase picture Ops and Autographs from pick guests here!



Saturday, December 11 | 5:30 pm | main Stage

Giancarlo Esposito is acquisition the publicly City through storm! That"s right, he"s make his means to the main stage come talk about his significant career and also most memorable roles. Native Breaking bad to The guys to The Mandalorian, Giancarlo will certainly be ~ above hand come answer your questions! Don"t miss out on it!

The merch in ~ this year is far better than ever, and you have the right to only obtain it here. Avoid by the official show Store located on the display Floor to buy something cool. Forgot to execute some vacation shopping? We"ve obtained you.

Saturday, December 11 | 2:30 pm | main Stage

Join the stars of every Elite Wrestling as they go back to Chicago and take the phase at as soon as again because that a ringside check out of their wildly popular wrestling reflects airing weekly ~ above TNT.

Chock complete of funny exhibitors, tasks and points to carry out – this area that the present floor is a can’t-miss prevent for Otaku that every level!

Sponsored by Chicago’s own change Brewing, The garden is’s beer garden located right ~ above the display floor featuring live music and also trivia.

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If you aren’t able to sign up with us in ~ in person this year, you can still tune into the present from the lull of her home! ours 3-day Digital ticket gives you accessibility to live video clip panels streamed during the occasion for most major panel rooms, audio streams for smaller rooms, and VOD accessibility to the recordings because that 30 job after the event.