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Make a splash all summer long with the Intex® simple Set® inflatable pool the is simple to set up and store. This pool will make your backyard the ar to be every summer together your household can relax and play. Hydro Aeration® modern technology is integrated to the cartridge filter pump giving improved circulation and also filtration, improved water clarity, and increased an adverse ions at the water surface. A 110-120 volt Krystal Clear™ cartridge filter pump is included and is really easy to install - just hook increase the hoses and enjoy clean refreshing water. Pump circulation rate: 530 gallons, System flow rate: 475 gallons. Ready for water in 10 minutes, just spread out on level ground, inflate the top ring, fill the pool with water, and also enjoy the fun.

Approximate set-up size: 12ft x 30inConstructed with puncture-resistant 3-ply materialWater capacity: 1,485 gallons (80%)Ready because that water in 10 minutesAge grade 6+
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( 12ft X 30in Easy set Pool set )

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4 12ft X 30 in easy collection up swimming pool

posted by jpmynatt on may 13th 2020

" is a an extremely nice pool and also the set up to be pretty easy. HOWEVER, when they say LEVEL ground, they median it. We had actually to drainpipe the pool from the very first set increase location and move come a an ext level one. The 2nd location to be a little far better and us made it job-related with what we had. "

4 love it

post by monica shlaz on Jun 24th 2019

" together described"

4 Intex 12' x 30" Easy collection Pool

post by new Pool ~ above Jun 20th 2019

", an easy system. I provided a battery it is provided air pump to fill the optimal ring; it would have taken hours to execute it through mouth. It's extremely vital to gain the wrinkles out early on in the water to fill process. This takes a tiny time. I followed the directions placing an customs of water in the swimming pool then pushing out the wrinkles. This acquired most the the wrinkles. I had actually to put around 3-4 inches in the swimming pool to gain all the wrinkles out- this is for this reason the side wall surfaces will standup steady in place. One disadvantage that's not mutual is the broad of the waiting ring within diameter- mine is around 10 ft. It's 12 ft at the base yet the walls incline inward which reduces the diameter. Had I payed attention to this, I'd have obtained the 15ft diameter swimming pool as its inside diameter should be around 13ft."