You might just be start your search for your an initial hot tub, and also wonder if your deck or patio will support the weight. Or you might be a brand-new hot bath tub owner, do the efforts to calculate water consumption. One of two people way, many people wonder how numerous gallons that water space in a warm tub. Well, the answer come your question is…it depends—on the size, shape, and number of people her hot bathtub can fit. We’re right here to help you get much more familiar with approximately how numerous gallons room in each of the different hot tub sizes, and additionally let you recognize what steps you can take to discover out the precise amount in instance you require it.

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How plenty of Gallons in a 2-Person hot Tub?

If you just acquiring started through your first hot tub, a 2-person hot bath tub might it is in a good option because that you. Friend will have actually plenty the room to offer yourself some me-time or relax after a liven weekend through your partner. 2-person hot tubs have the right to hold anywhere between 150 gallons and 220 gallons of water. Ours “Dos” spa carried by our hot tub store is a perfect instance of a semi-compact 2-person spa—and it have the right to hold around 170 gallons that water.

How countless Gallons in a 3-Person warm Tub?

When 2-person warm tubs are simply a little too snug for you and you desire to gain that extra space, 3-person hot tubs room the means to go. The variety of gallons the water a 3-person hot tub can organize ranges anywhere between 200 gallons and 300 gallons. Because that example, our hot tub store’s “Caliente” spa has sufficient room because that 3-4 people and holds about 285 gallons of water.

How plenty of Gallons in a 6-person hot Tub?

When your weekends space filled v entertaining friends and family, a 2- or 3-person hot bath tub just won’t reduced it. You have the right to expect a 6-person hot bathtub to organize anywhere in between 320 gallons to 475 gallons that water. For example, the “Mesa” spa offered by our store have the right to hold in between 6-7 people, has up to 50 jets, and holds 380 gallons of water.

Finding out the precise Number

For existing hot tub owners, the easiest solution come finding out how plenty of gallons room in a hot bath tub is to inspect your user manual. Now, if during the excited of obtaining your hot bathtub delivered, girlfriend misplaced the manual, you deserve to simply call the hot tub store wherein you made her purchase. Given the design of your hot tub, lock can provide you v the details of your hot bathtub or also send end a PDF copy the the manual.

If you room trying to uncover the answer to your concern after your hot tub store’s hours, Google can pertained to your rescue. Give thanks to goodness for technologies these days, right? The just thing Google needs to administer you the answer come your golden question, “How many gallons are in a warm tub” is the serial number located on your warm tub. To uncover this, head over to the front dashboard on her hot bathtub and look for the design or serial number. You have the right to either take a picture of the whole tag or compose down the number. ~ you enter this details in a Google search, girlfriend should have the ability to narrow down the precise model your hot bathtub is to find out how numerous gallons it holds.

Manually Calculating the number of Gallons

When every else fails, you deserve to manually calculation how countless gallons room in a warm tub. All you require is a ice cream measure and to follow this steps:

For square/rectangle warm tubs, you will measure length, width, and also depth in inches. Then multiply the broad by size by depth. Divide an outcome by 1,728For round warm tubs, you will certainly measure the width across the center and also the depth. Climate multiply the diameter through diameter through the depth. Divide results by 1,728.If your hot tub has seats take the final figure from procedures 1 or 2 and also multiply by 2.4If her hot bathtub does not have any kind of seats, take it the final figure from actions 1 or 2 and also multiple through 4.8.Voila! The number you obtain after completing these calculations is how numerous gallons that water space in your hot tub.

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