A very few cars can compete with the PT Cruiser format in the sea of contemporary econoboxes. Classified in the U.S. As a truck, the PT Cruiser rides ~ above a car-like front-wheel drive unibody platform, v a 4-cylinder engine. It handle well and also has a useful interior with easy accessibility and functional cargo space.

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2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser (Photo: Chrysler)
Inside, the PT Cruiser looks prefer no other car. The 2001-2005 models had actually a center console design in a comparable fashion to countless other Chrysler cars, when the 2006 and later models acquired a retro-styled dashboard v the old-fashioned instruments and a signature clock in ~ the peak of the center console. The upright driver position gives a good view that the roadway ahead, yet the thick rear pillars alleviate rear visibility. Rear seats can be folded front or removed totally giving the PT Cruiser lot of of cargo space. Initially, the PT Cruiser was available only together a five-door wagon. A two-door convertible was added for 2005, but discontinued after 2008. Chrysler PT Cruiser problems: one of the problems that can reason the engine come overheat and also the A/C no to work-related is a negative cooling pan motor. The cooling fan has actually two speeds, regularly one that them stop working. Because that example, watch this video. Sometimes this might happen intermittently. Severe overheating can damage the engine, therefore it"s recommended to fix the overheating problem before it causes more damage. A poor thermostat, clogged radiator or bad radiator cap are other possible reasons for overheating. Here is a great video top top Chrysler PT Cruiser cooling pan troubleshooting. Check more videos ~ above this subject.
A poor camshaft sensors could cause the code P0340 and also some driveability issues, consisting of stalling. The crankshaft position sensor need to be checked also as it likewise can reason the same issue.
2009 Chrysler PT Cruiser interior

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For regular operating conditions, the recommended oil adjust interval is noted at 6,000 miles (10,000 km). Us think the 3,000-3,500 mile oil adjust interval is reasonable to save your engine in an excellent shape. You deserve to download an owner"s hand-operated here. Check the tire press regularly; there are some complaints around tires losing air because of corrosion on the rims. The PT Cruiser 2.4L engine has actually a time belt that needs to be changed at recommended intervals. The owner"s manual for the 2007 design PT Cruiser recommends replacing the timing belt every 102,000 miles or 170,000 km for a non-turbo engine and 100,000 miles or 160,000 kilometres for a turbocharged engine. Us recommend replacing the timing belt earlier, because that example, in ~ 80,000 - 90,000 miles, or at least, have actually it checked once the mileage is pull close the change interval. When doing the time belt, it provides sense to replace the water pump together well. The flashing check Engine light and also occasional misfiring can be led to by bad spark plugs and wires; if friend haven"t excellent a tune-up in a while, it could be a great idea to carry out it now. If you notice that the engine temperature rises above normal, have actually the vehicle checked before it overheats. Adjust transmission liquid at recommended intervals. Store the coolant and other fluids clean and also topped up. Have your auto inspected at least once a year in a garage on the elevator (e.g. When doing tires rotation) to store it safe. Resources: Safety Recalls - NHTSA - inspect for recalls. Deliver Canada - Motor car Safety Recalls - examine for recalls in Canada. Ptcruizer.com - plenty of info and also tips.