intend you want to do 100 grams of water. Exactly how much hydrogen and Oxygen would certainly you should make 100 grams that water with nothing left over. Explain.
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The chemistry formula that water is H2O. One molecule of water has actually 2 atoms of hydrogen and one atom the oxygen.

1 mole that water calls for 1 mole that hydrogen (H2) and also 0.5 moles of oxygen (O2).

The molar massive of water is 100/18

This requires 100/18 mole of hydrogen....

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The chemical formula that water is H2O. One molecule the water has actually 2 atom of hydrogen and also one atom that oxygen.

1 mole of water requires 1 mole of hydrogen (H2) and also 0.5 moles of oxygen (O2).

The molar fixed of water is 100/18

This calls for 100/18 mole of hydrogen. Together the molar mass of hydrogen is 2, it needs 200/18 = 100/9 g of hydrogen.

It calls for 0.5*100/18 mole that oxygen. The molar massive of oxygen is 32. The fixed of oxygen forced is 800/9 g

It needs 100/9 g the hydrogen gas and also 800/9 g the oxygen gas to make 100 g of water.

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