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Pressure is a measure of the force versus a surface. Pressure is commonly expressed as a force per unit area.

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Here is a comfortable conversion calculator because that some typical pressure terms. The interpretations of every term space in the following section.

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Pressure conversion Calculator(Enter number top top the left side; answer appears on the right side)
This many: pounds every square inchatmospherestorrbarmillibarpascalskilopascalsmegapascalsgigapascalsEquals pounds per square inchatmospherestorrbarmillibarpascalskilopascalsmegapascalsgigapascals

Additional Info

Many of the items friend will find on one MSDS come in both English (U.S. Customary System) and also metric (International mechanism or SI or cgs) units. The metric system has actually been embraced by nearly every nation except the joined States. Even in the U.S., scientists and technical civilization use the metric system due to the fact that of its ease of use.

If you space unfamiliar through the terms used in this definitions, check out our mass unit and distance unit conversion pages.

UnitEquivalent measurements, comments
Pounds per square inch(psi, PSI, lb/in2, lb/sq in)Commonly provided in the U.S., but not elsewhere. Typical atmospheric push is 14.7 psi, which method that a pillar of waiting one square customs in area increasing from the Earth"s setting to space weighs 14.7 pounds.
Atmosphere(atm)Normal atmospheric press is defined as 1 atmosphere. 1 atm = 14.6956 psi = 760 torr.
Torr(torr)Based on the original Torricelli barometer design, one atmosphere of press will force the column of mercury (Hg) in a mercury barometer come a height of 760 millimeters. A press that causes the Hg tower to rise 1 millimeter is called a torr (you may still watch the hatchet 1 mm Hg used; this has been changed by the torr. "mm Hg" is typically used because that blood pressure measurements). 1 atm = 760 torr = 14.7 psi.
Bar(bar)The bar almost identical to the atmosphere unit. One bar = 750.062 torr = 0.9869 atm = 100,000 Pa.
Millibar(mb or mbar)There room 1,000 millibar in one bar. This unit is supplied by meteorologists who uncover it easier to describe atmospheric pressure without utilizing decimals. One millibar = 0.001 bar = 0.750 torr = 100 Pa.
Pascal(Pa)1 pascal = a pressure of 1 Newton per square meter (1 Newton = the pressure required to accelerate 1 kilogram one meter per 2nd per 2nd = 1 kg.m/s2; this is actually quite logical because that physicists and engineers, honest). 1 pascal = 10 dyne/cm2 = 0.01 mbar. 1 atm = 101,325 Pascals = 760 mm Hg = 760 torr = 14.7 psi.Kilopascal(kPa)The prefix "kilo" method "1,000", for this reason one kilopascal = 1,000 Pa. Therefore, 101.325 kPa = 1 atm = 760 torr and 100 kPa = 1 bar = 750 torr.
Megapascal(MPa)The prefix "mega" way "1,000,000", so one megapascal = 1,000 kPa = 1,000,000 Pa = 9.869 atm = 145 psi.
Gigapascal(GPa)The prefix "giga" method "1,000,000,000", so one gigapascal = 1,000 MPa = 1,000,000 kPa = 1,000,000,000 Pa = 9,870 atm = 10,000 bar. Pressure of numerous gigapascals can convert graphite come diamond or make hydrogen a metallic conductor! together high pressures are hardly ever encountered in day-to-day life.
Some functioned Examples

CORRECT: transform 5 atm to psi:


WRONG: convert 5 atm come psi:


CORRECT: convert 4,000 pascal come torr:



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SDS Relevance

Be really careful to keep in mind the units as soon as reading numbers on a safety and security Data Sheet. If you ever before perform a calculation of any sort, always remember to compose the units next to each number in your calculation and make certain that castle cancel properly. If castle don"t, her calculation was incorrect!

Further Reading

See also: area units, distance units, massive units, energy units, mole, temperature units, vapor pressure, volume units.

Additional definitions indigenous Google and OneLook.

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