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I have actually an 05 6.0. The owner handbook says the engine oil cap. Is 15 qts with a filter change. This place the level high top top the dipstick. I"ve check out on other sites civilization are using just 14qts. Is 15qts a misprint in the handbook, or is this one accuracy concern with the dipstick?
If you follow the right procedure, open and also drain your filter first, girlfriend should acquire 15 in it. I have mine because new.On edit, didn"t median to sound sarcastic /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gifBE
2stepn - friend doing the oil adjust yourself or dealer?I to be struggling with the same issues of what is the correct amount.

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< QUOTE >I open and also drain mine filter an initial and 14 qts puts me appropriate at the optimal of the hash marks. Ditto because that me. 14 quarts filling me up.CMOS

I examine it after that sits every night, so every one of the oil need to be drained down. 14 qts looks an excellent on the dipstick because that me.
2019 F350 4X4 Dually, FX4, Crew Cab, can be fried Lariat Package, Agate Black, black color Leather towing a 2006 LE3905 Weekend Warrior2002 F250 CC, 4X4 - Sold2004 F350 CC, FX4, invited - Sold2006 F350 CC, DRW, FX4 - Sold2012 F350 CC, DRW, FX4 - Sold
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I additionally put in 14qts. I hate that friggin" dipstick. It needs to be about the hardest stick ns have ever before tried to read. How come Honda and Toyota deserve to have straightforward flat blade sticks that are very easy come read and my $45k truck has a plastic pear on the end of the stick? By the time you yank the totality length out, it has picked increase every fall of oil clinging to the sides of the stick. About the only means I deserve to get an exact reading is first thing in the morning ~ the truck satellite all night. Love the truck and also the PSD, dislike that cursed dipstick.14qts of fresh Rotella sure smooths out the idle.
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I simply went 14 and also it look at good. We will watch after it sits tonight?So lot for adhering to the directions.....
Engine holds 15 QTS, however, the high preasure oil pump res hold .82 QT that this amount and it does not drain earlier into the oil pan. 14 QTS need to be around right.RoyCI looked this earlier up in the 6.0L Bible and I was in error top top the amount that is in reality .95 QT see page 21 that Bible.My Bad!
what he said + Mine new smoked a light blue smoke and every one of the sudden as soon as i changed to 14 qts. The stoped, o by the way i had to clean mine egr in ~ 7k miles a an outcome i attribute to overfilling my oil and also driving it method to easy...just mine 2 cents..j.schall
Well, I"ve excellent it.It took me around 31.5 quarts till it began coming the end the hole where you fill it.So...the total capacity is 31.5 quarts.It wouldn"t rotate over when I make the efforts to start it, though /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shrug.gif
Ford call the dealers this? the the oil pump res hold .82 which renders sense to me why not they at the dealership put 14 in? i would prefer to recognize if the folks in ~ Ford technology services recognize this and also why the is no public. I have replaced a pair EGR valves myself. Is there any kind of adverse result to the engine through 15 in it. I would certainly think the the engine tolerances are able to allow for this.
The hand-operated says overfilling leads too usage which ns assume the irradiate blue smoke was evidence of in mine case. Ns dont think it damages the necessary parts yet long term would certainly not be great (i think).j.schall
Hooray, Hooray,14qts not only works well in mine truck yet the readjust to 5w-40w full fabricated has cured the Smokin every together...... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smokin.gifGee, I too wonder why the Ford Guru"s cant count to 14 aftersome an easy subtraction? (15 minus .82qts, Hmmmmm: I obtained it 15qts!) /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/bleh.gifIf I never take mine truck ago to a dealer, I"ll dice a happy man. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gifJR44
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Ford call the dealers this? the the oil pump res holds .82 which makes sense come me why not they at the dealership put 14 in? ns would like to understand if the folks at Ford technology services understand this and also why the is not public. I have actually replaced a couple EGR valves myself. Is there any kind of adverse impact to the engine v 15 in it. I would certainly think the the engine tolerances space able to permit for this. If one works on Fords day in and day out, exactly how would lock not recognize this? even a marginal tech can figure this out after one fill. Negative dealer, Bad! (sound of rolled up newspaper impacting nose here). Ns think if the engine is too complete it will begin foaming the oil, yet I"m using my storage now, so the quess is more than likely fifty-fifty.
I"m law my very own oil changes, and also I perform pull the filter and also let the drain before I reinstall the drain plug. Looks like the well-known vote is 14qts. Many thanks for the info.
14 quarts since new and syth 5-40w since very first oil adjust at 2,300 miles and no smoking and no romping and now in ~ 14,300 miles.refuse2
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