If you are of a particular age, and of a details mindset about how you need to spend her weekends, you"ve more than likely gone out drinking with an emptied-out Coke bottle or Gatorade bottle filled v liquor and also a mixer.

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Furthermore, if you"ve ever prepared among these to-go bottles, or taken a big juicy swig from one -- in ~ the movie theater, or the general public park, or the lining E. Cheese"s, or wherever -- climate you know that you have no idea just just how much booze you"ve poured in, or how countless shots that liquor you"re in reality consuming from her stealthy container.

A brand-new app because that the iPhone referred to as Shots iGot wants to finish your ignorance and also let friend know specifically how plastered you deserve to expect to get from your plastic bottle concoction, all with the simple swipe of your finger. The people behind the application have mapped right into it 44 different usual containers that you could use together an immediate flask, including a Solo cup, a Coke bottle, a soda can, the Slurpee cup and also more, so that you deserve to visualize the variety of shots the you"ve poured.

You just choose the sort of bottle or container you"re putting your liquor into, and the application brings up a touchable version of that bottle; you then slide your finger to the level the the container the you"ve filled with liquor, and also the application measures, in real-time, how many shots you"re about to swallow down.

Three screenshot from the Shots iGot app, mirroring a 20 oz. Bottle, the above red Solo cup and a Gatorade bottle, fill up with 1.8, 2.5 and 3.4 ounces that liquor, respectively. Friend can change the amount of liquor in the cup through sliding her finger up and down the graphic to the appropriate level.

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There"s additionally a mixer mode, which mirrors you how countless shots that booze you have the right to squeeze right into a party that is already somewhat full of the initial liquid. Therefore if you"ve got fifty percent a party of Coke, the application can tell friend how plenty of shots the rum you"d be pouring in if you filled it as much as the top.

Because it"s a bit hard to imagine if you"ve never used it, here"s a rapid clip that Shots iGot in action. Despite the style is simple, it operation smoothly, and also it"s quite easy to figure out exactly how to use:

The application assumes a standard 1.5 oz shot and is specific down to one-tenth of a shot, according to Paras Jain, one of its creators. The inspiration, Jain stated in a phone call interview, originates from a an extremely real place.

"My buddy mockery and also I, we both were at our fraternity in ~ Rutgers, and also we used to see girls and guys moving out bottles roughly all the time," the said. "And the girls would say, "How many shots perform you think I have in here?""

"One day mine buddy josh ... Stated to me, "Wow, now there"s an iPhone application -- that you deserve to just virtually view the number of shots," and also it just clicked."

They sought the end developers, ultimately finding two at a hackathon ~ above the adjacent Princeton college campus. Soon, after carefully measuring 44 different drink containers and mapping them right into Photoshop, Shots iGot had actually launched in the app store. Around 10,000 sneaky booze drinkers roughly the human being have downloaded it so far, and Jain, Rosencheck and also developer Mike Verderese have formed a startup, Something through Flow, to promote the app and explore possible corporate partnerships.

For now, though, the Shots iGot application serves a certain and useful purpose, encouraging smarter, much more informed alcohol drink on college campuses (and sporting activities arenas, and rock concerts, and also the office, etc.). Rutgers, Jain said, is also considering presenting the application to just arrived freshmen come promote for sure drinking. That course, the would open up the can of worms of whether the school should be preaching abstinence or security -- an dispute that the general public university most likely does not desire to obtain into, Jain said.

I, on the other hand, encourage every one of my readers that drink liquor the end of repurposed plastic bottles to execute so responsibly -- because that them, Shots iGot is fantastic resource. You deserve to download a free version of Shots iGot, which offers you a limited number of containers; to unlock every one of the containers, you can pay $1.99 for the full version here.