Learning much more about wild turkey habitat can assist you to far better understand the wild turkey. Whether you’re a naturalist, a hunter or are just interested in learning more about wild turkeys, knowing their habitat will aid you to much better understand these fascinating birds.

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Recognizing Wild Turkey Habitat:What makes good turkey habitat?

Wild turkeys live in a variety of habitats throughout phibìc America. The key to great turkey habitat is good cover and an excellent forage. Turkeys roost in trees at night, and also so count on woodlands for security at night. Turkeys have the right to be discovered habitats such as: east broadleaf forests, clearings and meadows, open forests, wooded swamps, gulf coast live oak forests, southern Texas forests, California coastal forests and riparian forests, and also ponderosa jaw forests.

What execute wild turkey, prefer to eat?

All the the ideal habitats had a selection and variety of food wild turkeys eat such together berries, seeds, nuts, insects, and also a variety of environment-friendly forage. Turkeys are likewise known to eat a selection of cultivated plants such as: soybeans, corn, sorghum, wheat, oats, ryegrass, and chufa. Whereby woodlands and also farmlands meet, wild turkey might be checked out foraging in farm fields, specifically after harvest.

How perform you recognize turkeys space around?

Wild turkeys have the right to be detect by paying attention to a variety of signs. Turkeys invest a an excellent deal that time walking around on the ground, however they can be wary and elusive animals to spot, especially where they room hunted. Knowing how to identify turkey tracks and also sign is often an extremely helpful.


Tracks: The tracks of wild turkey space a classic game bird monitor (three toe forward through one little toe in back). They room impressively large, through 3 large, bulbous toes and also a shorter back toe, i beg your pardon usually just registers together a nipper impression. The tracks measure: 3 3/4 - 5 inches long by 4 – 5 1/2 customs wide.


Scat: Male and also female scats are various shapes. The scats that males – called toms – space up come 3” long by 3/8” come 5/8” in diameter, typically cylindrical frequently with one finish terminating in a hook or ‘J" shape. Mrs scats room 3/16” come 3/8” in diameter, and are an ext amorphous lumps. Both scats regularly have one whitish end, wherein the uric acid was expelled.


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Gait: Turkeys spend much of your time walking, however will likewise run. Go gaits have a stride size of in between 5” come 13” long. Meanwhile, to run gaits have actually a stride size that can be approximately 33” long.

Other sign: Wild turkey habitat often contains other indicators of turkeys. One such sign are dust baths, i beg your pardon measure in between 14” and also 20” in diameter and tend to it is in 1” come 3” in depth.

Similar Tracks: as result of their size, wild turkey tracks are not often confused with the tracks of various other birds. Canada geese have tracks of comparable size, however they have distinct webbing in between their toes. These geese are typically not found far indigenous the water"s edge. Sandhill cranes also have comparable sized tracks, however, their toes are less bulbous and also their strides tend to be much longer.

Closing thoughts

Being able to recognize wild turkey tracks and sign, and also knowing what kinds of landscape attributes they room attracted to, will help you build a far better search photo for turkey habitats. V this understanding you will improve your capacity to find and also observe these beautiful and wary birds.

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