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Potato Fans: 4-6 WW (Weight Watchers) Freestyle smart Points

My husband’s project is an extremely demanding. The type of work-related they carry out creates a non-medical on call instance that occupies day, night and also mostly weekends. That works tough to carry out for ours family and we gain those couple of sweet moments when we deserve to spend them together without interruption.

They are even much more sweet when they come with a gift card. A prepaid dinner date…at a super nice new restaurant in downtown Knoxville. We invited a pair friend and also had a exorbitant night out, thanks brand-new boss man!

JC Holdway is just one of the newest surprise jewels in downtown K town and also boy go we gain that meal. Hubby was smart sufficient to select one v an interesting potato concoction that I wanted to crack once we obtained home. Tiny did I recognize this is a well-known style the potato (and various other vegetable/meat) preparation recognized as Hassleback. I’m rooting for a brand-new verb “hassle backing”…when friend taste this you will be problem backing too!

Watch conversation #95 come see just how I make them! (start at around 30 minutes)


My Potato Fans are 4 to 6 SP depending on the size of the potato used and also the add-ins. Don"t just use mine, get wild and also make it your very own with her fave toppings!

Potato pan (Hassleback Potatoes): 4-6 Freestyle smart Points


4 medium potatoes (should right in her hand)olive oil non stick spray2 Tbsp Nutritional Yeastseasoning to taste (I supplied Dak"s spices on one, Ranch powder on another, and also prepped the last one because that it to be loaded!)Optional toppings every potato (be sure and also count them!):1 Tbsp crumbled bacon, add 1 SP1 Tbsp Fat complimentary Sour Cream or plain Non Fat Greek Yogurt, add 0 SP1 Tbsp light shredded cheese, add 1 SP1 tsp covert Valley Ranch powder, add 0 SPG Hughes Sugar free Ketchup, include 0 SP every Tbsp

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Wash and also pat dried 4 medium potatoes (should to the right in her hand)slice a thin ar off the bottom so the potato will sit flatusing a really sharp knife (and a secure hand!) gently make slices as close together as friend can obtain them yet don"t go all the method through (Carol stated you deserve to hold it v two wooden spoons so girlfriend don"t walk all the way through)spray lightly with non rod olive oil spraysprinkle with nutritional yeast because that a little extra "crisp"spring v seasoning of selection (I used greatly Dak"s flavors for a sodium free seasoning)using tongs add the potato to your straightforward Living assets (or similar) waiting Fryer don"t allow them touchadjust waiting Fryer come 390F because that 25 - 30 minutes depending upon your waiting fryer (Yukon Gold will certainly be tender, Russet will certainly be an ext crispy)for the loaded version I stopped at 20 minutes, added the extr bacon and shredded cheese and also returned come the wait fryer for secondary 5 minutesI cooked my ends and ate them due to the fact that I had currently counted the points!

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