November 19, 2019 - Rhys Branman, MD

Many world want to know just exactly how much fat is eliminated with liposuction, an especially people who have a lot of weight lose it seems. Yet liposuction is not for load lose. Only a healthy and balanced diet and exercise can assist you lose a the majority of weight. What people find, however, is they frequently still have a little of a belly, or part fat ~ above their ago or thighs they simply cannot acquire rid of. This is what liposuction is design for, removed those pockets fat that simply cannot be operated or dieted off.

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Truthfully, fat is not measured in pounds once it is removed. Fat gotten rid of by liposuction is measure in volume. The volume is measure up in “cc’s” or cubic centimeters. 1,000 cc’s is around 1 liter. One liter that water, for instance, weighs about 2.2 pounds. A liter will certainly weigh much more or less relying on what that is make of; for circumstances a liter of wait weighs less than that liter that water. Also, fat is lighter than water; it weighs less. Through tumescent liposuction, a liquid that includes an anesthetic is injected right into the area come be worked on. This fluid is then removed with the fat. So if you room told the 3,000 cc’s was the total volume removed, girlfriend would desire to know if the was every fat, or if it consisted of the liquid the was injected. Every one of this is an extremely confusing come most people who simply want come know just how much fat castle will shed with liposuction, however it is vital to remember the it is no weight the matters however volume, and also that very little weight is shed with the procedure. What is vital is exactly how you look once it is over and healed. Component of the issue of just how much fat have the right to be taken with liposuction, and also how successful the results are is how the skin molds to brand-new contours after the procedure. If too much fat is taken, the skin in the locations treated v liposuction can appear loose. Skin elasticity is an essential factor.

Studies have presented that only 5000cc or 5 liters of full fat have the right to be eliminated safely in one outpatient setting. Remember around 454.5 cc is same to a pound. That method at the an extremely most 10 pounds deserve to be gotten rid of not including the tumescent fluid. This amount would be considered huge volume liposuction. Large volume liposuction is a specialized procedure which requires special precautions including a correctly trained and also educated surgeon and also anesthesiologist, and a nationally certified and accredited facility, no to cite a well trained staff. The factor for this is big volume liposuction can produce fluid shifts in the body and also disrupt the fluid balance necessary. Extra precautions have to be observed.

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Liposuction at tiny Rock cosmetic Surgery facility is performed in a fully accredited basic for your safety and also comfort. Relying on the patient and certain procedure, I use tumescent technique liposuction or VASER liposuction. Together a plank certified cosmetics surgeon, ns am careful to assess each patient come be sure he or she is a candidate because that the procedure.

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