You supplied to have the ability to carry approximately as countless lock-picking bobby pins together you wanted in Fallout 4, however Bethesda’s newest video game has assigned a load to them. And they space way too heavy.

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LukyJoeKokomo go the maths (via PcGamesN), and resolved that if a packet that 100 bobby pins ~ above Amazon weighed 68.04g, climate each pin would certainly weigh slightly less than 0.57g every (because you’ve acquired to allow for the load of the packaging).

In Fallout 76, though, ten bobby pins weighs a pound, making each individual digital pin over 60x heavier than an yes, really one. Certainly they’re so heavy it works out that 60 pins sweet the very same as a mini nuke.

It’s straightforward to check out why this is – the developer obviously want to put a transferring limit top top the item – yet still. (AU Editor’s Note: the smallest weight for something in Fallout 76 is the 5mm minigun ammo at 0.001 lbs, so it’s up to Bethesda to explain why a bobby pin weighs a hell of a lot much more than actual bullets.)

Fallout 76 has actually tried many brand-new things, yet over-encumbering you with hairpins is the one I’ll it is in remembering.

hondo_bogart says:
After 12 hrs I only have 4 bobby pins. Therefore a way to go. The rest of the junk but does slow-moving you down. Friend spend half the time wandering around the wasteland choose a load animal. So lot stuff to pick up yet only so numerous pockets!

monkeyno100 says:

Go for every the weight perks:-% on weight of armour-% on load of junkJeez, i think over there is a-% weight for every form of item, yet those two are an extremely handy.

Also, watch the end for ammo. My first few hours I sucked up every cartridge ZI might then found out the 1000 rounds of .38 ammo is pretty heavy (never mental missiles and also fat guy projectiles!).


There’s a caveat to the weight perks the I just posted below (didn’t check out your post until after) – execute use them, but don’t plan your SPECIAL around them. They’re a convenience in at an early stage to mid game, yet they’ll hinder you in so late game.

xenoun says:

Be mindful on % armour. How helpful that is counts on what armour you’re using. I quit using it for the directly up carry weight rise perk instead as I’m mainly in animal leather armour even at level 45…it’s simply so tough to find far better armour in this game without shelling the end massive amounts of caps.

zombiejesus says:

At your level you need to start finding maritime armour, which along with urban scout armor is the most protective non-power armor in the game currently. It’s heavy, yet your Sturdy structure perk should assist a lot through that.

I remember you discussed in one more thread you’re only around 12 hrs in, for this reason I’ll drop the two best pieces of unsolicited carry weight advice ns have:

– Every time you see a do station, fight R come scrap and also T to scrap every junk, climate go with the scrappable list and also scrap everything you don’t require in the short/medium term. Everything.

– when you’re storing stuff in your stash, beware that crafting materials do still add up. As a basic rule, don’t craft bulk to save weight since it doesn’t, and don’t store an ext than 300 that anything various other than lead and steel. That goes because that gunpowder also – don’t store an ext than 300 uneven you’re walk to carry out a huge ammo-making batch.

As a bonus tip, setup your SPECIAL roughly what rewildtv.combat construct you’d choose at 50 (use Nukes & Dragons, here’s mine) yet don’t arrangement into your construct anything that entails weight reduction uneven you’re doing a big Guns build (Bear Arms), or a strength armour/energy weapons build (Batteries Included). The said, even if you don’t arrangement it in, execute use castle while you’re leveling to instead of for having a nice collection of pocketed armour or the excavator strength armour that gives +100 bring weight.

Just to add onto her points…I was originally limiting whatever to 300 yet have changed that to 150-200, and also some junk no more than 100. A point for why less steel (I float at 150-200) works for me is due to the fact that I regularly take the ammo developing workshop. That way I don’t need gunpowder/steel/lead clogging up mine inventory and also just passively farm ammo if I’m doing various other stuff.

300 operated fine as soon as I simply had an abundance of steel/leather/cloth/wood but now I’ve collected a lot more of the rare stuff too, I have over 200 screws, gears, nuclear material is end 100 and even adhesive is up end 150…also discovered I had actually 290 circuits clogging points up too due to the fact that they don’t shop up in the bulk crafting menu. This is after about 20 levels worth of just picking up ingredient that gives me the more rare products too.

I mean this trouble will fix itself soon as soon as I hit 50 and also start hunting better end game weapons/armour and also use mine junk to mode it all.

Looking in ~ the build you’re utilizing rewildtv.compared to mine provides me view why we had various experiences in regards come overloading once out exploring. I’m running a non-auto rifle/Vats build, heavy emphasis on Perception/Luck.

Here’s mine (not sure exactly how you hyperlinked on here so spoiler tag to save it short):

Note several of those perks are subject to being swapped out as I play through the build an ext and figure out what works, likewise apparently grasp rifleman doesn’t occupational properly. My lug capacity is 165 from special, to be at 190 right now with perks and pocketed gear. Ns seem to sit at approximately 120ish if I piece out weight down to my basic loadout of food/water/meds and that weight likewise includes 10 from carrying power armour. It’s a sneaky build so I normally just hold the strength armour until I berewildtv.come over burdened or run into a load of scorchbeasts.

I haven’t run into encumbrance worries in the last couple days though. I think it’s due to my playstyle changing, spending much less time exploring between trips earlier to a stash, usually since im farming ammo.

Yeah, a low toughness build means you’re missing out on about 60lb of simply passive bring weight for this reason that makes sense. Ns actually have actually points in stats i don’t desire (like the 3 endurance) because I’d currently spent part points prior to planning. It’s exciting to view a non-strength develop though, since there’s so much an excellent stuff in the stat and it covers by far the most weapon types (big guns, shotguns, 1H and 2H melee) however I constantly enjoy see what other human being rewildtv.come increase with.

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It’s unfortunate that I had actually to pass up top top a VATS construct (Four leaf Clover, Grim Reaper’s Sprint, Crit Savvy and far better Crits especially) just due to the fact that I was the end of budget already pushing a large gun/melee strength armour build. I’ve had actually to review my develop so countless times trying to swap the end perks that ended up being just slightly sub-par for ones that were just slightly better, and things like just taking location 1 in each level that weapon perks to acquire +10% per star rather of +5% for later on levels, and all that.