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I have actually an old actors iron kitchen sink (probably native the sixties) in mine basement from a rehab i did twenty years ago. Double sink, twin draining boards. For some reason my wife, whom i love dearly, chose that we would save the sink on the grounds that at some point it could come in handy. So when we relocated to our brand-new house that took 2 very big moving males to gain it into the basement wherein it remains to this day. Us are selling the house and also I require to get rid of it. There is no means it is coming ago up the stairs till it is deconstructed into manageable pieces. How do I carry out this? through a SawzAll or a sledgehammer? I know the ceramic coating will certainly break up into shrapnel, but will the metal shatter? i think it must weigh 250 lbs.
You can use a sledge hammer however like you stated the porcelain will become like small razors. If you go that course it"s an extremely important come wear eye protection and I would extremely recommend heavy gloves.You can shot a sawzall with metal blades, just have a couple of of castle handy. That"s exactly how I remove most cast iron tubs, cut them ideal in half with Lenox brand steel blades. Periodically if you acquire a particularly stubborn item of actors the sawzall have the right to take long time and also start chewing up blades. They make diamond chisels for cutting cast iron yet they run around $6.50 a blade. I would certainly recommend gloves route for this and also those edges will be sharp, eye protection isn"t a negative idea either.

If you"re gonna smash it (the an ext fun option) drape a drop cloth over the to help confine the shrapnel.
Do as Ron advised. Cover through old blanket and also take a hammer to it.Be certain the cat is no in the blanket.:furious:
NOOOOOOO!!!!!! i love old sinks favor that. Speak to a salvage firm and they can even salary you for it and also pick it up.
I"ll have response for friend AFTER I win the Mega Millions. It will look an excellent in mine English country manor kitchen.

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