The answer come that concern is not something particular because the load of a computer desk counts on particular factors i beg your pardon we’ll comment on in this article.

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If you’re searching for the load of a computer desk, I’ll aid you compare the average computer system desk load of different types in this guide.

Here’s just how much does a computer system desk weigh?

I take it 17 different computer system desks that different types including L-shaped, an easy office desk, stand desk, etc and also found that:

The average computer system desk weighs around 41.92 lbs or 19.01 kgs. Back different computer desks weigh differently relying on the developed materials, the thickness that the tabletop, types of the computer desk, different desk dimensions, and additional features.

The weight of a computer desk is important because it makes sure you can easily move your desk about to uncover a point out that’s finest for her setup.

It also makes sure that your computer system essentials stay secured since if the workdesk is heavy, possibilities are the workdesk is an ext durable and also will last for long years.

But, prior to you start looking for a computer system desk for your setup, there room a few things which you have to know.

Let’s take a closer look.


Why walk the computer Desk load Matter?

The load of the computer desk is important and there space several an excellent reasons why it matters.

1. Fees the the shipping carriers charges

You should know that the desk you purchase online from e-commerce sites, dues you added fees because that shipping her desk.

The desk shipping dues of the e-commerce web page vary depending upon the load of the products. So if your desk is heavier then it’ll price you more shipping charge.

2. Much more Weight means More Sturdy and also Durable

Another aspect of a heavy workdesk is that an ext weight method the desk is more sturdy and also durable.

A heavy workdesk is sturdy, durable, and also lasts much longer than a lightweight, cheaper desk. Because that the lengthy term, you must opt because that a heavy sturdy desk.

3. Heavyweight Create challenge while an altering Desk Location

Now you’ve acquired your computer desk placed and also going well.

Suddenly, you decision to move the desk to the room upstairs, or the floor is uneven and also you want to change your workdesk to a new place in your room, here comes the an overwhelming task.

Heavy desks are difficult to move around, that takes a the majority of effort and time come lift and also move.

And sometimes as result of some carelessness, the workdesk can be damaged or friend can acquire hurt yourself.

Factors That influence the mean Weight the a computer Desk

Although you can buy a computer system desk the is slightly different in appearance and size, that is vital to remember the there space several determinants that get in how a workdesk weighs vary.

1. Desk construct Material

The very an initial factor that affects the all at once weight that the computer desk is the kind of material used to build the desk.

As you know, various materials have different weights, therefore, the computer system desk weight also varies.

Computer workdesks made v engineered hardwood such as Plywood, Particleboards, and also laminate room lighter 보다 the desk made with organic wood (hardwood material).

And the metal computer system desks room the ones that are heavier than any other form of computer desk.

2. Size of the Desk

The 2nd factor that influences the overall weight that the computer desk is the size (dimension the a computer system desk).

Just prefer your weight and height, together your elevation grows her weight additionally grows. Similarly, the more the desk’s size, the more heavier it is.

It is due to the fact that a longer workdesk consumes an ext materials to construct it, thus more material means more weight.

3. Form of the Desk

Lastly, you need to know the shape of the desk. This can be a little bit tricky because weights may vary depending upon the form of the desk.

You require to know the kind of computer system desk.

This is important since different species of computer system desks are easily accessible in regards to shape, such together L-shaped, straight, U-shaped, edge desk, etc.

And due to the fact that different workdesks have different measurements, the workdesk weight likewise varies.

Different types of computer Desks and their Weight

As in every article, we compare acomputer desk’s heightandweight hold capacityby taking different varieties of computer system desks.

Similarly, in this article, we’ll to compare different species of desks and also their weight.

1. Continuous Office Desk

Regular workdesks are straight desks that fit almost everywhere in a room and also can be used for research purposes.

Desk typeDesk nameDesk weight
Regular deskLUFEIYA little Computer Desk24 lbs/10.88 kgs
Regular deskHbada 55 in computer Desk47.6 lbs/21.59 kgs
Regular deskMr IRONSTONE huge Desk60.6 lbs/27.48 kgs
Regular deskEcoprsio home Office computer Desk37.9 lbs/17.19 kgs

How much does a regular desk weigh?

On average, regular computer system desks weigh around 38.24 lbs or 17.34 kgs.

2. L-shaped computer system Desk

An L-shaped computer desk is mine favorite form of workdesk as I deserve to organize my ingredient without messing points up.

And L-shaped desks also increase performance in your life.

Desk typeDesk nameDesk weight
L-shaped deskCasaottima L shame Desk40.4 lbs/18.32 kgs
L-shaped deskCubiCubi L-Shaped Desk computer Corner Desk44.7 lbs/20.27 kgs
L-shaped deskCubiker contemporary L-Shaped computer Office workdesk (recommended)47 lbs/21.31kgs
L-shaped deskMr. IRONSTONE L-Shaped Desk39 lbs/17.69 kgs
L-shaped deskAmeriwood house Dakota L-Shaped Desk70 lbs/31.75 kgs

How much does an L-shaped computer system desk weigh?

On average, L-shaped computer desks weigh around 48.22 lbs or 21.87 kgs.

3. Floating computer Desk

People think floating desks are weak, yet they’re actually not. I used to think likewise before I had actually one however they deserve to actually be good for house office setup.

Desk typeDesk nameDesk weight
Floating Desk9 to add Wall an installed Floating urgently Table7 lbs/4.08 kgs
Floating DeskHaotian FWT18-W, White residence Office Table Desk29.10 lbs/13.19 kgs
Floating DeskHaotian FWT18-SCH, Black house Office Table Desk27.6 lbs/12.51 kgs
Floating DeskPrepac Wall mounted Floating Desk60 lbs/27.21 kgs
Floating DeskIndustrial Rustic Wall-Mounted Table25.10 lbs/11.38 kgs

How lot does a floating computer system desk weigh?

On average, floating computer desks weigh around 29.88 lbs or 13.55 kgs.

4. Stand Desk

Standing desks can be readjusted by their size according to your height and also you have the right to work standing on her legs (sometimes the back hurts when you sit and also work, so standing workdesks is best in such cases).

Desk typeDesk nameDesk weight
Standing deskHOUSEELF electric Height adjustable Standing Desk69.9 lbs/ 31.70kgs
Standing deskFlexispot standing Height adjustable Desk72.6 lbs/32.93 kgs
Standing deskFEZIBO Height flexible Electric standing Desk64.7 lbs/29.34 kgs
Standing deskSHW 55-Inch big Electric Height flexible Computer Desk80.5 lbs/36.51 kgs
Standing deskFlexispot rapid Install Standing workdesk EC9 electric Height flexible Desk79.8 lbs/36.19 kgs

How much does a standing workdesk weigh?

On average, standing computer system desks weigh around 73.50 lbs or 33.33 kgs.


I hope you’ve construed how lot a computer desk weighs different according come the build material, size, and also shape that the desk.

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If this short article helped you tell us in the comment section and also share it with your friends and family who are looking come buy a computer desk, it’ll it is in helpful.