Ferrets room playful and also fun-loving pets. This fuzzy little creatures room members that the Mustelidae family, which consists of badgers, weasels, pine tree martens, and also otters. Tamed ferrets have quite a couple of differences compared to wild ferrets, however one similarity is their common growth pattern.

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Ferrets space often dubbed the “jokers of the pet kingdom.” male ferrets are referred to as “Hobs,” and also females room “Jills,” somewhat fitting names because that these creatures that fun and laughter. They are sexually dimorphic, together males end up considerably larger than females as soon as they reach adulthood.

Male and female ferrets are similar sizes once they are an initial born, though. Back they begin off installation in the palm of her hand, they flourish rapidly in ~ the an initial month of your lives. They only slow down as soon as they struggle 2 month of age.

Facts about Ferrets

Ferrets are mischievous and intelligent creatures, a somewhat dangerous mix when it involves a family pet. You need to be ready for the tricks that these furry creatures are all set to pull and must “ferret-proof” your residence to protect against catastrophe.

The clinical name because that ferrets is quite descriptive: Mustela putorius furo. It essentially translates to “smelly weasel thief.” They room not called this method for kicks and giggles, but almost as a warning for people intent ~ above adopting one. Be ready for lot of of fun with a heaping next of mischief.

The positive facet is that ferrets tend to sleep for approximately 20 hrs a day, and when castle do, lock sleep hard.

Ferrets room not rodents like many people think. That method while hamsters room cute and also clean, ferrets have a musky odor no matter exactly how fresh lock are.

Perhaps friend are prepared to very own a ferret or have actually already embraced one and also want to track your ferret’s growth. We have actually graphs to assist you track health and wellness progress, what to mean as lock age, and also what a healthy diet looks favor as your ferret reaches adulthood.

Image Credit: MichaelSehlmeyer, Pixabay

Male Ferret Size and Growth Chart

Since ferrets room dimorphic creatures, their growth rates depend on their sex. Males and females start approximately the exact same size when newborns, but males grow quicker within the very first two months and continue growing much more afterward.

You will likely notice the separation in a male’s growth rate from the of a female approximately 3 mainly old.

AgeWeight RangeHeight RangeLength range (w/o Tail)
Newborn8-12 g1”2-2.5”
1 Week30 g1.5-2”2.5-3.5”
2 Weeks60-70 g2-2.5”3.5-5”
3 Weeks100 g2.5-3”5-8”
4 Weeks125-200 g3-3.5”8-10”
5-6 Weeks230-250 g3.5-4”10-12”
6-8 Weeks400-500 g4-5”12-14”
4 Months1000-2000 g4.5-5”14-15”

Female Ferret Size and also Growth Chart

Around 3 weeks old, a female ferret’s growth rate has tendency to sluggish down contrasted to the of a male. Instead of doubling their weight indigenous the ahead week, they prosper only around 25% more each week. As they age, their development rate slows much more and more.

Generally, female and male ferrets are about the same height. Males tend to be lot longer, though, i beg your pardon is where many of their extra weight comes from compared come females.

AgeWeight RangeHeight RangeLength selection (w/o Tail)
Newborn8-12 g1”2-2.5”
 1 Week30 g1.5-2”2.5-3”
2 Weeks60-70 g2-2.5”3-4.5”
3 Weeks75-95 g2.5-3”5-7”
4 Weeks100-150 g3-3.5”8-12”
5-6 Weeks180-200 g3.5-4”12-12.5”
6-8 Weeks300-500 g4-5”12.5-13”
4 Months600-900 g4.5-5”13.5-14”

When walk a Ferret protect against Growing?

Around 4 month old, ferrets will avoid growing and also reach their complete size. Full-grown males should weigh between 2-2.5 pounds. Females frequently weigh in between 1-1.5 pounds. It is at only 4 months old that they reach sex-related maturity and also can start reproducing.

Be prepared for this time of your lives, and also get them solved if you don’t desire them to breed. Female ferrets have the right to die if they remain in heat for also long, and also going come a vet or breeding are the only methods to take them out of heat. Males often tend to acquire violent when they desire to breed, with females, other males, and even humans.

A ferret eras quickly, and at roughly only 3 year of age, they will certainly be in ~ midlife. They have tendency to live for a preferably of 7 years.

Image Credit: christels, Pixabay

How walk Spaying/Neutering impact Ferret Growth?

If you execute not intend to breed her ferrets, take into consideration spaying or neutering your pets together a an important part of their care. Numerous vets will certainly recommend the highly, especially due to the fact that it is renowned to extend their lifespans.

Spaying immensely helps females due to the fact that they are prone come aplastic anemia if they continue to be in heat. Any type of ferret the is 3 months old or larger can acquire surgically neutered. Jills should obtain spayed as shortly as possible, for this reason they don’t get in their an initial season the heat.

Since a ferret is greatly done growing around 3 month old, neutering them roughly this age does not hazard stunted growth. They can suffer native hyperadrenocorticism or adrenal gland disease, yet this is possible at any kind of age and one the the couple of risks that neutering if the benefits space profuse.

Ideal Ferret Diet because that Optimal Growth

Another method that ferrets stand out from the typical crowd as tamed pets is your diet, as ferrets room obligate carnivores.

Raw meat is regularly the finest for a ferret. Friend can additionally feed them kitten food, due to the fact that it has a much higher protein content than cat food. It is finest to feed them raw meat as a complement to a diet the dried food to give them variety.


Every pet is different, return there are standards because that growth. Be aware that just due to the fact that your ferret isn’t farming at a specific rate, the doesn’t median they room unhealthy. If you space afraid that there could be other wrong with your ferret, however, take them to a veterinary with endure dealing with little animals.

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Overall, feeding your ferrets a well balanced diet and neutering castle at around 3 month old enables them to live a healthy, long, and balanced life.