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Leaf or Iceberg Lettuce . . . Execute you know which kind of lettuce prices more?

Have you ever tried to calculation the ideal price for lettuce? execute you recognize which kind of lettuce is the most nutritious? us answer every one of these questions in this blog.

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There space several methods to save money when buying lettuce. We rundown a couple of our tricks top top this page.

Finding the finest Deal ~ above Lettuce isMore complex Than You can Think!

Calculating the finest price on lettuce is much more than simply looking at the sale flyer. To determine the best deal we consider the price per head, weight per head and we also throw in the nutritional value.

So friend see, it’s not simply a straightforward matter of economics . . . Or is it?

Did you understand that among them costs around 60% less than the other?

In ours book,Cut her Grocery invoice in Half, us chronicled Steve’s test of weighing much more than 200 pounds of produce to determine if bulk packed or loose produce to be a much better deal.

We found savings as high as 54 percent!

In this blog post, us ask the question, “How lot does a head that lettuce cost?”

And how can you acquire the many for her lettuce dollars?

The various other day, us were buying some produce and Steve chose to compare leaf lettuce ($.89 per head) versus iceberg/head lettuce ($.99 every head).

Lettuce price fluctuate widely depending on the time that year.

We’ve viewed prices as high as $2 every head and as low as $.50 every head.

And over there aremany ranges of lettuce: Iceberg, Romain,Boston, Bibb, Butterhead, Red Leaf, environment-friendly Leaf, and they all vary in price also. We commonly look for the greenest and least high-quality lettuce, yet there is one much more factor to consider . . . The load of each head.

How much does that head of sheet lettuce weigh?

We know that sheet lettuce contains an ext nutrients and has greater iron contents (because that it’s greener color), however what us hoped to uncover was the actual cost per pound for each. It was an amazing discovery.

Leaf Lettuce Weight and Cost


Steve weighed number of heads of leaf lettuce and also discovered the the median weight to be 16.75 ounces every head (just a touch over one lb each). At 89¢ per head, the actual price per pound was$.848.

Iceberg Lettuce Weight and Cost


He to be amazed at the difference when he sweet the round heads the iceberg lettuce. Every head weighed nearly two pounds but only expense 11 percent more.

The typical weight was 30.75 ounces. At 99¢ every head, the actual expense per lb was only51.5¢.Pound for pound, iceberg head lettuce is a whopping 60% less than the price of sheet lettuce.

A video clip about the distinctions in the expense of head lettuce

Watch together Steve weighs number of heads that lettuce and calculated the expense per lb – he conserved 50% top top the expense of a head the lettuce.

Making the Best choice between Iceberg and also Leaf Lettuce

Our decision on that day to be to purchase a couple of top of the much more expensive and nutritionally remarkable leaf lettuce and also supplement v a couple of top of the less expensive iceberg lettuce.

Get more Information around saving top top Lettuce prices

If you desire to learn much more about the nutritional differences in between leaf lettuce and head lettuce, examine out this links.

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How perform you use your head when it concerns lettuce? What would you have done?

For more great ideas on grocery Savings, consider our second book, reduced Your Grocery invoice in Half!

Author: Steve Economides Scottsdale, AZ

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I’ve weighed broccoli once sold by the bunch and found quite big differences. I’ve usually just guessed at the heaviest iceberg head, however will begin weighing them. Every coin counts!

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