Mobile home WeightHow come quicklyfigure out exactly how much your residence weighs

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How to calculation the load of a mobile home

Older homes are generally lighter. Newer ones tend to be taller and thematerials supplied are heavier, thus the newer homes are heavier. Makesure friend err ~ above the next of caution once calculating the weight.

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Older residences will run between 35 and 40 lbs. Persquare foot, and also newerhomes will run 45 to 50 lbs. Every square foot.

So, measure her length and also width. Multiply thelength x width.

Thentake the number and multiply that by the pounds per square footcalculation:

40 LBS because that older residences (1960-1980)

50 LBS for newerhomes (1981-New)

70 LBS because that newerhomes through high ceilings and also drywall

Example:48’x12’ =576 sqft. 576 x40lbs = 23,040 totalpounds. Then round up to the nearest 1,000.

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Make sureyou pad the number if it is an essential (like going end a bridge!)

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