Do alcoholic beverages really taste good? In men’s human being where machismo is the surname of the game, that question is irrelevant.

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But over there are men you can’t pressure to drink beer or any spirit for some reason, also if their lives depended on it, yet aren’t ready to provide up your pride. Here’s wherein Mike’s tough Lemonade deserve to come in handy.

Brief background of Mike’s hard Lemonade

Mike’s hard Lemonade is relatively young compared to various other alcoholic beverages on the market, having actually been launched only in 1999. The surname was obtained from that founder, Anthony von Mandl, who developed this relatively brand-new concept dubbed “ready-to-drink” beverages.

Von Mandle is the founder and chairman the the American exclusive alcoholic beverage company, The note Anthony Group. The company’s mission is come “provide commodities that are of the finest quality and value in their category”.

The firm started as a one-man wine-importing venture and eventually flourished into the level it is now – the biggest ready-to-drink manufacturer in every one of North America.

The ide of this beverage stems out from the truth that 25% of males didn’t particularly like come drink beer, but have nothing rather in their hands. That idea has carried the company its an initial 10 million cases of sales there is no spending a single dime on advertisements. Currently, that delivers around 21 million cases per year.

It is claimed that when Mike’s tough Lemonade was presented in Canada, it used vodka. However, to an increase sales amongst the united state market, it ultimately used unflavored malt liquor as this beverage’s base.

Significant Timeline

In 2009, it introduced Mike’s harder Lemonade and Mike’s more tough Cranberry Lemonade. In 2010, it included Mike’s more difficult Mango Punch and also Mike’s HARDER black color Cherry Lemonade. It also won ‘Company that the Year’ native Beverage world Magazine in the category under $1 exchange rate revenue companies.

In 2011, the debuted Mike’s LITE tough Lemonade. It also bagged two ‘IMPACT warm Brand’ awards consecutively because that Mike’s difficult Lemonade.

IN 2013, it presented its FROZEN line the featured its four most renowned flavors. It likewise introduced the year as part of the seasonal product heat the Mike’s tough Blood Orange.

In 2014, it adjusted its packaging come be much more eyecatching, with the surname “Mike’s” in the center of the above lemon-shaped logo. This first name communication signifies just how it connects to its faithful drinkers.

Mike difficult Lemonade Cost

Mike’s difficult Lemonade prices have the right to vary every variant and can it is in bought in packs. A 6-pack the 11.2 fl. Oz. Bottle typically costs in between $9 and $10, if the 12-pack that the exact same bottles can cost about $17.

The complying with are the various varieties friend can find in the market.

Mike’s difficult LemonadeMike’s hard Strawberry LemonadeMike’s hard Peach LemonadeMike’s hard Watermelon LemonadeMike’s difficult Pink LemonadeMike’s difficult Cranberry LemonadeMike’s hard Lemonade LightMike’s hard Black Raspberry LemonadeMike’s difficult Black Cherry LemonadeMike’s tough Black Cherry LemonadeMike’s hard Cranberry Passionfruit LemonadeMike’s tough Blackberry LemonadeMike’s difficult Smashed to apologize AleMike’s difficult LimeadeMike’s more tough LemonadeMike’s Harder black color CherryMike’s more tough Cranberry LemonadeMike’s more tough Mango PunchMike’s more difficult Strawberry LemonadeMike’s more tough Strawberry LemonadeMike’s more difficult Strawberry Pineapple PunchMike’s Lite difficult LemonadeMike’s Strawberry Margarita

Properties and also Other Details

Mike’s difficult Lemonade is under the category of beer which provides it not forced to divulge any kind of nutritional labeling by the Tobacco Tax and also Trade Bureau. The only sure thing is it contains fresh lemon juice, high-fructose corn syrup, cane sugar, and also a patented neutral malt base.

This malt base uses a sweetener i m sorry is grown native a stevia plant dubbed Rebiana-A. This assures the consumers that no aspartame or phenylalanine can be uncovered in the beverage.

What’s nice is the it is taken into consideration vegan if you are watching what you eat. Regardless of yeast being used in the fermentation, a proprietary multi-stage filtration gets rid of the yeast native the malt and also the gluten indigenous the finished product.

The Alcohol by Volume (ABV) of its product line across all flavors and also formats variety from 3.2% come 8%. A party of the initial version the Mike’s hard Lemonade has 5% ABV and also around 220 calories.

Serving Suggestion

Mike’s difficult Lemonade is a premium malt beverage infused with natural flavors. V this, friend can enhance your favourite flavor v just about anything. However you surely have the right to do unconventional pairings indigenous time come time.

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Some enthusiasts indicate the adhering to pairings:

Mike’s difficult Lemonade v burgersMike’s hard Smashed apologize Ale and also grilled chickenMike’s hard Peach Lemonade and also grit cakes through grilled cornMike’s tough Black Cherry Lemonade and summer peach cake

On the other hand, you deserve to use Mike’s hard Lemonade as ingredients to part cocktail drinks. Right here are a pair of recipes to follow:

Mike’s hard Lemonade LITE-arita


1 bottle of Mike’s LITE hard Lemonade

6 oz. Tequila

1 12-oz. Deserve to frozen limeade


1.Mix all the ingredients2.Serve over ice3.Garnish v lemon wedgeCranberry Orange hard Lemonade


1 cup that sugar

1 cup of new orange juice

1 cup that cranberry juice

2 tsp. Orange zest

3 bottles Mike’s difficult Lemonade


For garnish:

Fresh cranberries

Orange slices


1.Mix together the sugar, cranberry juice, orange juice, and zest in a pot over medium heat.2.Whisk till sugar has actually dissolved. Wait for 4 minute more.3.Let cool, climate refrigerate. This have the right to last because that 3 days.4.Serve by filling the glass v ice and including one part cranberry-orange an easy syrup.5.Add two parts Mike’s difficult lemonade.6.Garnish using orange slices and fresh cranberries, climate serve.